Man casually steals M'sian woman's bag containing S$1,000 & more from Woodlands Kopitiam

He looked around for a mere few seconds and swiped the bag from behind the counter.

Belmont Lay | January 31, 2022, 02:49 AM

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A middle-aged-looking man was caught on surveillance camera casually walking past a coffee shop in Woodlands and brazenly taking a bag from behind the counter that did not belong to him in broad daylight.

Footage of the incident was uploaded to Facebook by the victim's boyfriend on Jan. 27 night.

The incident had taken place earlier the same day at around 4:35pm at Kopitiam Vista Point.

Victim a Malaysian woman

The Facebook post said the victim is a Malaysian woman.

She had left her bag unattended temporarily as she had to change up for work.

The contents of the bag consisted of personal property, as well as more than S$1,000 in cash that the woman was intending to send home to her family.

What video showed

A man in a white polo shirt was seen walking past the coffee shop with an umbrella.

As he walked past, he took notice of an unattended black bag behind the counter of one of the stalls that had already closed and packed up for the day.

Once he paused, he looked around his surroundings, and within 7 seconds, reached over the counter with his left hand, and swiped the bag.

He then proceeded to tuck the black bag under his left armpit and walked back to where he came from off-camera.

Just right after he took the bag, a man, who appeared to have been clearing empty cups, walked just behind the culprit, but did not notice anything amiss or catch the culprit in action.

Police report made

According to the victim's boyfriend, a police report has been made.

His post on social media is to appeal to the public for any information about the man or the theft to come forward.

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