Hyper-realistic hologram of Mandopop legend Teresa Teng performs at New Year's concert in China

Teng had passed away from a severe respiratory attack on May. 8, 1995, aged 42.

Lean Jinghui | January 03, 2022, 05:28 PM

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New Year's Eve saw many extravagant concerts in anticipation of the New Year.

In China, a hyper-realistic holographic projection of late singer Teresa Teng dazzled viewers and touched many fans during Jiangsu TV's (江苏卫视) new year concert on Dec. 31, 2021.

Extremely life-like

Teng, dressed in a long blue cheongsam, shared the stage with popular Chinese artist Zhou Shen, also known as Charlie Zhou.

The duo sang three songs together over the course of 10 minutes – starting with Teng's iconic "小城故事" ("Small town story"), followed by "漫步人生路" ("Strolling the road of life"), and Zhou's "大魚" ("Big fish"). 

Like in a real-life concert, Teng even had three outfit changes, one for each song, during the performance.

Via 海峽導報 YouTube

Via 海峽導報 YouTube

Via 海峽導報 YouTube

Via 海峽導報 YouTube

Via 海峽導報 YouTube

She also delivered a New Year's greeting to the audience who were present: "Hello everyone, I'm Teresa Teng, I'm happy to be here at Jiangsu TV, with Zhou Shen. I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year!"

Zhou, who posted about the experience on his own social media account, said the duet had been a dream come true and that he hoped in 2022, others too, could realise their dreams as he did.

Teng passed away in May. 8, 1995 from a severe respiratory attack at the age of 42.

Teng also sings Zhou's song, which appeared more than a decade later

Many netizens on social media platform Weibo lauded the performance as "timeless" for the hologram's hyper-realism and harmonic arrangement.

In particular, several fans said that they were moved by the duet between Zhou and Teng, in their rendition of Zhou's song "大魚" ("Big fish").

The song, which was first sung by the former in 2016, had come out more than a decade after Teng had passed on. 

Some shared that the performance was like Teng had come back to life, and that it was almost like she had never left.

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Top image via 海峽導報 YouTube