If you’re looking for a sign to get a quality mattress, this is it.

Don’t sleep on it.

| Guan Zhen Tan | Sponsored | January 15, 2022, 10:37 AM

Quality mattresses are worth spending some money on - especially if you’re keen on having a good night’s rest for a long time to come.

It can be a bit daunting to figure out what you need precisely from your mattress, especially if you haven’t been scrutinising what you’ve been sleeping on.

You could also be facing issues with sleep because of your partner’s sleeping habits, but the following might help you find your dream mattress.

Simmons mattresses at a glance

Beautyrest Eternity: (S$2,285 – S$3,814)

Consider this your starter mattress with all that Simmons’ has to offer. Featuring the renowned Original Pocketed Coil which provides support, freedom of movement without disturbance to your partner, this is the ultimate solution to any bed drama that you might face in your sleep.

BackCare Advances Series (S2500 and S4500, S$5,437 to S$6,913, $6,469 – $7,909)

Like you moving up your job ladder or the next phase in life, consider this a step up from your first mattress. With pressure-relieving Diamond Memory Foam that dissipates heat away from your body, it helps you maintain uninterrupted sleep.

At the same time, the 5-zoned support system calibrates and matches the five zones of your body to give you the differing amount of support each part requires by your mattress.

Beautyrest Celestine Clouds (S$5,106 - S$6,517)

Beautyrest Celestine Clouds encompasses both firmness and comfort, giving you a blissful sleeping experience like no other.

The bed has multiple unique features such as anti-microbial Silver Fibre which resists odour and the growth of microbes; AirFeel Gel Foam keeps your bed cool and comfortable by maintaining airflow. A well-deserved upgrade.

Beautyrest Exceptionnel Rosehall (S$6,790 to S$8,230)

Think of it as the sports car of mattresses; this is the cream of the crop, akin to sleeping on the mattress of a six-star hotel, but better. With fancy features such as loftier pillow pad, Silk Gel Fibre and Latexair Foam, you can most probably agree that this mattress is going to be able to make you feel like a brand new person when you wake up the following day.

New Simmons Gallery at PLQ Mall

Now, you must be wondering why it’s worth checking out at this price.

Mediacorp artiste Sheila Sim was facing problems with her mattress at home. In fact, she went through four different mattresses in five years. She and her husband were finding problems with the mattress they were sleeping on, with one particular choice giving her husband a backache from being too firm.

“That, of course, had created tension between us. And then we changed it to a bed of his choice. And then I was complaining [because] it was too soft.”

That changed when she visited the Simmons Gallery at the PLQ mall with her husband and daughter.

“Fortunately, five years later, all three of us finally found one that we love. When we went to try the mattresses at Simmons Gallery at PLQ Mall, Layla was squealing, rolling and laughing on it non-stop. I must say, it was a lot of fun mattress shopping with her.”

See for yourself the quality of Simmons mattresses and why Simmons is designed for everybody and any body - pregnant women, muscular men, the elderly and even pets.

Customers who visit the Simmons Gallery at the PLQ Mall, may enjoy up to 35 per cent off and additional savings & gifts up to S$1,800.

You’d notice the unique window display at the store, with a mattress surrounded by a flowerbed interspersed with coils. If you're wondering what all this means, it’s a celebration of spring time, a new beginning despite the ongoing challenges in the pandemic.

While you shop, take the chance to look at the art pieces that summarise Simmons’ rich heritage over the years. Trace back to when Simmons began their journey to be the DNA (Definitive, Non-pareil, Apex) of sleep, and follow them on a journey to where they’re headed for the future - likely, as an indispensable part of your bedroom.

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Simmons Gallery PLQ Mall

Address: 10 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Quarter Mall, #03-15, Singapore 409057

Opening hours: 11 am to 9 pm, daily

This article is brought to you by Simmons. You have no idea how much this writer wants a new bed.