Parents send off BMT recruits in-person at Pulau Tekong for first time in 2 years

As part of Singapore's transition towards endemic living. 

Lean Jinghui | January 20, 2022, 10:00 AM

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Monday, Jan. 17 saw a new batch of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) enlistees begin their Basic Military Training (BMT) enlistment process at Pulau Tekong.

In-person send off

What was different, however, was that after a two-year hiatus, parents and loved ones were finally able to send off the enlistees in person, rather than from a distance.

Since 2020, enlistees have had to bid their parents farewell at Selarang Camp, rather than share a final significant moment together on Pulau Tekong.

In a Facebook post on Jan. 19, the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) shared that the relaxation of measures was part of Singapore's transition towards endemic living.

It added that all parents and enlistees took a supervised Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at Selarang Camp, before they were ferried over to Pulau Tekong.

Parents and enlistees taking the Antigen Rapid Tests (ART). Via BMTC Facebook

Arriving at SAF Ferry Terminal for the ferry ride to Pulau Tekong. Via BMTC Facebook

Visit to enlistees' bunks and viewing of SAF-issued equipment

Upon arriving at Pulau Tekong, parents and enlistees headed off on their separate journeys.

Parents and enlistees alighting at Pulau Tekong.

Parents with their enlisting son. Via BMTC Facebook

Much like pre-Covid times, parents and loved ones were given guided tours of the bunks and viewed some of the SAF-issued equipment, while enlistees went ahead with registration and rehearsal for their oath-taking ceremony.

A SAF commander showing parents and loved ones the bunks at Pulau Tekong. Via BMTC Facebook

Taking a look at Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) standard issue items. Via BMTC Facebook

A SAF commander showing the equipment used by recruits at BMTC. Via BMTC Facebook

The physical visit to Pulau Tekong ended at the Main Auditorium, where parents witnessed the new enlistees take an oath of allegiance.

Commanding Officer SAF BMTC School I, LTC Dennis Oh delivering his opening address at the Main Auditorium. Via BMTC Facebook

Enlistees reciting the oath of allegiance. Via BMTC Facebook

Phones out for the enlistees in action while they recite the sacred oath of allegiance. Via BMTC Facebook

Parents were seen waving goodbye as they watched their sons leave the auditorium to formally enter National Service.

You can see the full Facebook post here:

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Top image via BMTC Facebook