S'pore customer receives fried chicken delivery over 3 hours late on New Year's Eve & complains food looks half-eaten

A very suay New Year's Eve indeed.

Zi Shan Kow | January 02, 2022, 12:47 PM

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[Editor's note: This story has been updated at 7:30pm on Jan. 2 with a response from the restaurant, including details of the refund and replacement order.]

A "Max's All About Chicken" customer in Singapore was left disgruntled after his New Year's Eve food delivery went sideways.

The customer, Jason Leong, took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group to share his story.

Delayed twice

Based on the receipts Leong shared, he had ordered a six-piece Fried Duo Bundle and an eight-piece Fried Trio Bundle on Dec. 31, 2021.

He had already made payment for the order, which was meant to serve as dinner for him and his guests.

The order was supposed to be ready by 5pm, and be delivered within the hour.

At 6:45pm, they apparently called the store and was informed that their order was still in the store.

They got in contact with a representative from the establishment via Whatsapp, who apologised and said they would be arranging for the delivery immediately.

Image via Jason Leong/Complaint Singapore.

At 8pm, the order was still nowhere to be found, and the store again said they were waiting for a driver to pick up the delivery.

They stated he wanted a refund, and the representative insisted that the delivery will be arranged.

Image via Jason Leong/Complaint Singapore.

Dry and unappetising

When both items were finally delivered at around 9:30pm, Leong hesitated about digging in.

He said in his Facebook post that the six-piece order "seemed as if they had [already] been eaten".

According to him, the pieces were falling apart, and looked "very dry" and "very unappetising".

Judge for yourself:

Image via Jason Leong/Complaint Singapore.

Image via Jason Leong/Complaint Singapore.

When confronted, Leong said the representative "not apologetic at all", and simply said there would be no replacement for the order.

In the end, Leong wrote that they threw the six-piece chicken away.

Image via Jason Leong/Complaint Singapore.

Image via Jason Leong/Complaint Singapore.

Restaurant's response:

Mothership reached out to Max's All About Chicken for comment.

A spokesperson for the company said, on Jan. 2:

"We offered the customer a refund of the items affected and the delivery fee as well as a re-delivery of the whole order today at 6:30pm. The food definitely was not up to our standards --- we are investigating internally to figure out root cause and how prevent this in the future.

We have reached out to the customer privately and sincerely apologised for this isolated incident. The unacceptable response she received from one of our staff was unfortunately not from our official customer service team. The feedback and handling of the customer complaint should have gone through the correct medium and not via the personal account from our staff.

The customer was kind enough to accept our apology and our offer of a full refund plus re-delivery. (They) can expect the re-delivery today around 6.30 pm or sooner. Attached are the screenshots to show that we have privately reached out to the customer ever since we found out about the incident."

The restaurant also shared with Mothership some pictures of the replacement order:

Photo from MABC.

Photo from MABC.

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Top images by Jason Leong/Complaint Singapore.