Maserati allegedly hits pedestrians in Orchard, at least 3 injured

A woman was seen lying on the road.

Belmont Lay | January 02, 2022, 05:25 AM

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A Maserati allegedly hit a group of pedestrians who were about to cross the road resulting in at least three people being injured.

The accident occurred at about 9pm on Jan. 1, 2022, at the junction of Grange Road and Orchard Road just beside the Orchard Building with the H&M outlet, reported.

A video of the aftermath of the accident was put up on TikTok, but has since been taken down.

What clip showed

The clip showed a woman lying on the road, with a man attending to her.

It was not clear from the short video if the man was the driver.

The accident resulted in a traffic jam.

Another video

Another video, featuring dashcam footage, showed an ambulance, as well as a black Maserati at the scene.

What eyewitness saw

According to, an eyewitness saw a woman in her 20s lying on the road and she appeared motionless.

This woman is believed to be the same woman seen in the TikTok video that is no longer accessible.

She was reportedly subsequently carried onto a stretcher after Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel arrived.

Another woman was also injured, as well as a man who was believed to have been cycling at that time.

Driver of Maserati

According to, the driver of the sports car appeared to be a man in his 30s.

In his car were a woman and a boy, who were the other occupants in the vehicle when the accident occurred. reported that the boy was seated in the rear passenger seat and appeared shocked after the accident.

The accident shut off two lanes of Orchard Road and caused a 30-minute jam.

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