Snaking queues & over 1 hour waiting time to catch a glimpse of panda cub Le Le at River Wonders

There are only two viewing periods every day.

Ashley Tan | January 05, 2022, 02:41 PM

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It's been a while since the nation united over one animal in Singapore, but panda cub Le Le has effectively got everyone swooning over his cuteness.

So much so that when Le Le finally made his public debut at his very own nursery, visitors flocked to River Wonders.

Winding queues

Some of these visitors shared their experience on TikTok visiting the four-and-a-half-month-old panda, which mostly consisted of queueing. Lots of it.

One video showed the queue to enter the Giant Panda Forest extending nearly all the way across the bridge in River Wonders.

The visitor who posted it shared that he had had to wait an hour and 45 minutes to get a glimpse of the panda cub.

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Another visitor at the park on Dec. 30 revealed that the waiting time for him was shorter, about one hour.

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In response to Mothership's queries, a Mandai Wildlife Group spokesperson said that tickets to River Wonders were fully booked on Dec. 30, and that there have been "hundreds of visitors each day" to see Le Le.

Only 100 people allowed inside at one time to see Le Le

Currently, there are only two viewing periods throughout the day to view Le Le in his new nursery — 10:30am and 3:30pm.

Visitors can see him playing enrichment toys, learning to walk more confidently, and of course, catching up on his beauty sleep.

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Each viewing period is expected to last for only 20 to 30 minutes.

As such, there is the possibility that not everyone in the queue will be able to catch sight of Le Le if the turnout is large, one of the TikTokers said.

Mandai Wildlife Group told Mothership that due to safe management measures, only an average of 100 visitors are allowed inside the Giant Panda Forest at one time.

As Le Le is only out for a short while each day, staff are stationed at several points there to ensure that all visitors’ time with Le Le "remains short and sweet".

The journey through the Forest is split into different zones with several staff manning the queues at each section, so as to ensure safe distancing and that guests know what to expect.

Viewing periods tied to Jia Jia and Le Le's schedules

The two viewing times are scheduled to match Jia Jia and Le Le’s present routines.

The viewing periods may vary depending on the comfort level of both mother panda and son.

Le Le is currently allowed to be in his nursery for longer if Jia Jia is feeling comfortable.

However, the viewing times will be reviewed and adjusted over the next few weeks, Mandai Wildlife Group stated.

In the interest of the pandas' welfare, the number of viewing periods daily and the viewing time for each is unlikely to increase despite the volume of visitors.

The panda cub is still dependent on his mother Jia Jia, and the viewing periods coincide with Jia Jia's feeding and exercise sessions when she is comfortable to leave Lè Lè on his own.

The Group added that they appreciate the patience and understanding of guests who turned up to see and queue for Le Le.

They also said:

"We are especially heartened by and would like to thank the many considerate guests who have been taking quick snapshots of Le Le before moving along so other visitors get the chance to see the cub as well."

Top photo from Mandai Wildlife Group, blueloony / TikTok and mingsterz / TikTok