Indonesian President Jokowi praised after his convoy gave way to an ambulance

The ambulance driver said he did not expect the president to give way.

Faris Alfiq | January 07, 2022, 03:27 PM

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo, more commonly known as Jokowi, has won praise after a video of his convoy giving way to an ambulance was widely shared online.

According to Indonesian news agency, Kompas, a 29-second video that captured the incident on Jan. 5 was shared widely on WhatsApp.

The regent of Grobongan, Sri Sumarni, had extended her appreciation to Jokowi's visit to the regency (an administrative region under a province, similar to a municipality).

She shared the video on her Instagram account.

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A post shared by Hj. SRI SUMARNI, SH., MM. (@sumarnigrobogan)

According to Kompas, the video had been shared more than 10,000 times, and netizens' reactions had mostly been positive.

The video, taken from inside the ambulance, showed Jokowi's motorcade at Jalan Raya Purwodadi-Blora, Grobongan, Central Java.

It was heading towards a hospital in the city to observe the Covid-19 vaccinations of children aged six to 11 years old.

Driver did not expect Jokowi to give way

Police officers at the front of Jokowi's motorcade can be seen waving to the ambulance, a signal presumably telling the ambulance to go ahead as the motorcade gave way.

via @sumarnigrobogan/Instagram

The president's motorcade of more than 20 vehicles then stopped on the right side of the road as the ambulance passed them.

According to Kompas, the driver of the ambulance, Septian, said he did not expect the president to give way.

"At first, I thought that I should give way (to the motorcade)," Septian said.

"Then, I realised that I had a patient (in my ambulance) that required urgent attention," he added.

Netizens praised Jokowi

On Sri's Instagram page, netizens were praising Jokowi for the thoughtful gesture.

Screenshot via @sumarnigrobogan/Instagram

"So proud to see my great president!"

Screenshot via @sumarnigrobogan/Instagram

"Where else can we find a model president?! Thank you Jokowi, love you much"

Screenshot via @sumarnigrobogan/Instagram

"I salute Jokowi. He saw an ambulance and his motorcade immediately gave way to it. Good job!"

The incident came after Malaysian police, who were escorting VIPs during the floods affecting Malaysian villages, were criticised for allegedly not giving way to an ambulance.

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