GrabFood rider, blinded by sun's glare, crashes head first into lorry parked on right lane at Marina South Pier

Lorries can often be seen parked illegally on this stretch of road.

Low Jia Ying | January 19, 2022, 04:15 AM

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A GrabFood rider, who was momentarily blinded by the bright afternoon sun, crashed into the back of a lorry parked on the rightmost lane at Marina Coastal Drive earlier in January 2022.

He suffered some broken teeth, a broken finger, bruises and body aches.

He said he is recovering.

Blinded by sun

The GrabFood rider, who goes by Luqman Sha on TikTok, uploaded a video of his accident to his account on Jan. 17.

@sha_s2 a week has passed and everything still hurts & it was only a month since I got my bike out of the workshop😭 #tiktoksg #sgrider #grabfoodsg #cb400x ♬ Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

In the video, Sha could be seen riding his motorcycle on the right lane of Marina Coastal Drive.

As he negotiated a bend, his vision got blinded by direct sunlight.

Screenshot via @sha_s2/TikTok.

Realising that his vision was impaired, Sha tried to keep a safe distance behind a van.

He also used his hand to provide shade to his eyes and shield against some of the sunlight.

Sha said he usually wears polarised shades when riding in conditions like these.

But he broke them the day before the accident.

Van changes lane to avoid parked lorry

Moments before the collision, Sha took notice of the van in front of him as it suddenly changed lanes, but he did not have enough time to figure out why.

Unfortunately for the motorcyclist, the van had filtered left to avoid a parked lorry.

Sha then crashed into the back of the lorry, and was thrown off his motorcycle onto the road.

As he's laid on the road in pain, he got hit on the head by a taxi.

In his video captions, Sha thanked the passers-by who helped him after he "passed out", and reminded people to "recite their prayers" while on the road and to pay close attention to other road users.

He also questioned why there were "three huge lorries" parked illegally on the right lane of the road.

Lorries often parked on right lane of Marina Coastal Drive

Commenters on his TikTok video pointed out that there are often lorries parked on this stretch of road, as they were waiting to drop off goods at the Marina South Wharves.

Screenshot via TikTok.

Screenshot via TikTok.

Screenshot via TikTok.

Photo via Google Maps.

Photo via Google Maps.

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Top photos via @sha_s2/TikTok and Google Maps