Adorable golden retriever 'defends' elderly woman after man teases her by not giving her fruit

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Alfie Kwa | January 04, 2022, 05:18 PM

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Never mess with a dog's best friend.

In an adorable video posted on Reddit, a golden retriever "attacked" a man after he teased an elderly lady.

The video has gotten over 600,000 views so far.

The protector

In the 15 second video, a man offered a piece of fruit to the golden retriever but the dog appeared to reject it.

It then placed its paw on the elderly woman, indicating that he should give it to her instead.

Image via siempremajima/Reddit.

The man moved the fruit closer to the woman's mouth, but before she could take a bite, he jokingly pulled away and took a bite of it instead.

Image via siempremajima/Reddit.

The dog immediately defended the lady, using its paw to "attack" the man. It even pinned him to the ground, as if teaching the man a lesson.

Image via siempremajima/Reddit.

Image via siempremajima/Reddit.

The lady continued smiling as everything went down.


This got commenters on Reddit hooked, with some calling it a "good dog".

One said: "How can I stop watching the video."

Others provided imaginative possibilities for what the dog might have been thinking about as it "attacked" the man:

"Hey! Don’t eat grandma’s piece!"

"You insult gan ma (grandma), you get da paw."

"That woman is a SAINT!"

A comment added: "Dogs are better than people. We, humans, don't deserve dogs."

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Top images via siempremajima/Reddit.