Woman, 30, claims she got cheated on & dumped after donating kidney to boyfriend

Should have spent it on an iPhone.

Alfie Kwa | January 29, 2022, 05:19 PM

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A woman in the U.S. who donated her kidney to her boyfriend was allegedly cheated on and dumped just months after.

Colleen Le's videos about the incident has since amassed millions of views on TikTok.

The 30-year-old started sharing snippets of her kidney donor story from 2020.

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Donating her kidney

In a video, Le revealed she met her boyfriend about six years ago, and found out that he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when he was 17.

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His kidney's function was apparently at less than five per cent.

She then decided to do a kidney transplant test to see if her boyfriend and her are a kidney match.

"Because I didn't want to watch him die," Le wrote.

After the test, she got a phone call confirming they were a kidney match.

"I was so nervous," she wrote as she underwent the kidney transplant surgery and donated her left kidney to her boyfriend.

He allegedly cheated on her

In a follow-up video, she explained what happened seven months after the surgery.

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Her boyfriend told her that she was heading to a bachelor's party in Las Vegas, Nevada with his church group for the weekend.

"He was a 'hardcore' Christian so, I didn't worry at all," Le told her followers.

While she was studying for her school finals, her boyfriend came to her place and confessed that he had cheated on her during that weekend.

After "a lot of arguments," she forgave him and gave the relationship another chance.

However, three months later, he called her up and broke up with her.

Le said that he then blocked her on social media and refused to answer her calls and texts for months after.

She added that her ex-boyfriend told her something that "broke" her:

"You only donated your kidney to look good."

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Taking her story online

Even though the incident happened a while back, Le said that she'll continue to post about her story for interested viewers.

Many came to her support, with one saying, " You have the biggest heart and he didn't see it... his loss."

Another said that she deserved better than this.

Others in the comments told her to take back her kidney.

Le has since moved on and is currently dating someone else, if her Instagram profile is anything to go by.

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