Girl, 7, flips roti prata like a boss in M'sia, can prep 50 to 60 a day

Her parents own a roti prata stall and she wanted to learn how to do it too.

Belmont Lay | January 11, 2022, 02:26 AM

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A seven-year-old girl in Malaysia has won the hearts and minds of her people after she was seen professionally flipping roti prata like a boss in her parents' food stall.

The girl, Yusra Asna Ruslin, has been preparing roti prata -- better known as roti canai in Malaysia -- in front of customers.

She started making roti prata three months ago after she helped out at the stall during the school holidays.

Her petite frame and prata-making technique then won the approval of those who patronised the stall.

Out of interest

The little girl told Kosmo!, a Malaysian publication, that she helped out at her parents' stall out of interest.

Her parents, Ruslin Meli, 45, and Yuwita Shuib, 35, taught their daughter to toss the dough.

Can flip 50 to 60 roti prata a day

Today, Yusra can prepare 50 to 60 roti prata on her own each day.

The little girl said it was difficult at first, but then she gradually mastered the skills.

She added that she hopes she can open her own stall in the future and run the business with her parents.

"I am really interested in spreading roti canai because I always see my father and mother making roti canai at our restaurant," she said.

The family-operated food stall, Uwita Enterprise, is located at Balai Baru in Padang Besar town in the state of Perlis.

Has other siblings

Yusra is the third child out of the four children in the family.

She is currently attending first year elementary school, equivalent to Primary 1 in Singapore.

Her father, Ruslin, said: "At first, she learned a lot but the dough still broke. Yusra did not get tired though when she learned with her mother who is also good at spreading roti canai."

Support motivates her

Her school teachers would go and support the stall, and this gives Yusra confidence.

Her three other siblings, aged seven, eight and 14, are also brought to the stall to help out.

The stall is open from 6am to 11am daily except on Monday and Tuesday.

It sells various roti canai-based dishes, nasi lemak, and murtabak.

Top photo via Kosmo!