Pet German Shepherd leads police to serious vehicle crash to help rescue injured owner

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Sulaiman Daud | January 05, 2022, 10:38 AM

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A German Shepherd named Tinsley helped to rescue its owner and another man following a serious vehicle crash in New Hampshire, U.S.

According to a Facebook post by the New Hampshire State Police on Jan. 4 (Singapore time), a state trooper responded to a report of a dog "loose" on a highway, Interstate 89, at the border with the neighbouring state of Vermont.

State troopers are law enforcement officers in the U.S. with statewide authority and are also responsible for enforcing traffic laws on state highways and interstate expressways.

The trooper and police officers from the nearby town of Lebanon found a "large German Shepherd" on the road. When they tried to get close, the dog ran up the highway, crossing over into Vermont.

According to local news outlet WCAX3who quoted the Lebanon Chief of Police Phillip Roberts, "All units that were up there on the scene tried to corral the dog, get him in a cruiser. There were passersby that tried to lure him with some treats. But he really wouldn’t get within 8 or 10 feet of anybody."

Dog led officers to the scene of the crash

A short while later, the officers discovered a damaged section of guardrail, and the scene of a vehicle crash.

Photo from New Hampshire state police.

According to the post:

"Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police Officers observed a badly damaged pickup truck that had rolled over.

As the Officers investigated further, they realised that both occupants of the pickup truck had been ejected from the vehicle and were hypothermic and seriously injured.

Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police Officers were able to quickly call for medical assistance."

The officers then called for emergency medical services and firefighters to help rescue the two men.

According to WCAX3the two men were identified as the driver, Cameron Laundary, 31, and his passenger, Justin Connors, 40.

Tinsley belongs to one of the two men and did not appear to be injured in the crash.

Thanks to Tinsley alerting the police, both men are expected to survive.

Top image from New Hampshire State Police.

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