12 majestic life-sized tiger sculptures will be outside Chinatown Complex till Feb. 15, 2022

Each tiger sculpture has its own unique art concept.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 24, 2022, 01:05 PM

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To welcome the Year of Tiger and raise awareness for tiger conservation, 12 life-sized tiger displays were mounted outside Chinatown Complex.

These tiger sculptures each have a unique creative concept and were painted by local artists, injecting different personalities to these tigers.

The exhibition at Kreta Ayer Square, the open space outside Chinatown Complex, will last till Feb. 15, 2022.

It is a partnership between World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore (WWF-Singapore), Temenggong Artists-In-Residence and Chinatown Festivals Committee.

Life-sized tiger sculptures at Chinatown

Here are some photos of these tiger sculptures:


Why 2022 is particularly significant to the tigers?

2022 is an important year for the tigers, the largest living wild cat in the world.

Back in 2010, the governments of 13 countries with wild tiger populations pledged to implement measures to double the population of tigers by 2022.

However, it is almost certain that these countries will not be meeting this target and the tiger populations in these regions are still on a decline.

According to WWF, indiscriminate, commercial scale snaring is the greatest threat to tigers in Southeast Asia.

Besides poaching, habitat loss due to urban development and illegal logging also contribute to the decline in tiger populations.

The loss of natural habitats can also lead to more human-tiger conflicts, and more tigers were killed in such instances.

Some progress has been made in some areas, but these efforts need to be amplified to recover tiger populations.

WWF pointed out that anti-poaching patrols led by indigenous people in Malaysia’s Belum Temengor Forest Complex have contributed to a 94 per cent reduction in active snares since 2017.

Strong protected area management and connectivity in Thailand are also helpful to maintain the tiger population.

Tiger Trail 2022

This exhibition serves as a sneak preview to the upcoming Tiger Trail 2022.

Mothership on Earth is the official media partner of the Tiger Trail 2022, an islandwide mission trail where participants will use AR filters, supported by Singtel, to learn more about tiger conservation and other related environmental issues.

The Tiger Trail will be launched in February 2022.

Besides learning more about tiger conservation, you can also support the cause by dropping by WWF-Singapore's e-shop, where you can find unique merchandise with tiger artwork done by renowned artists Gillie and Marc.

via WWF-Singapore's website.

The materials used to produce these merchandise are certified to be sustainably sourced where possible, and your purchase will contribute directly to conservation projects supported by WWF.

Find out more here.

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