Woman in China stuck at blind date's house for days after area goes into sudden lockdown

The experience was 'quite awkward', she said.

Jean Chien Tay | January 13, 2022, 03:20 PM

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A woman in China found herself stuck at her blind date's home for days after parts of the city of Zhengzhou went into lockdown.

Stuck with a blind date

The woman, known only as Wang, told Chinese media The Paper that she had allocated a week to go on blind dates at her hometown Zhengzhou as she was "getting old". Her family had arranged for her to meet 10 potential suitors.

Wang, however, never expected to get stuck with her fifth date.

She went to her date's house as he wanted to show off his cooking skills, The Paper reported.

After their meal on Jan. 9, she was unable to leave the residential area due to the lockdown. The only option she had was to live with him until movement restrictions are relaxed.

Since then, the woman has uploaded short videos of her stay on social media, which shows her date cooking meals for her, doing household chores, and working at his laptop while she sleeps in, AFP reported.

Wang said her date would prepare meals for her. Screenshot via Weibo.

Wang's date doing household chores. Screenshot via Weibo.

The videos went viral on the Chinese social media site Weibo, with the related hashtag racking up over 30 million views at the time of writing.

Wang claimed that the online attention has affected her date, as his friends have been calling him. As a result, she added that she has removed some of the videos.

"Quite awkward"

The experience has been "quite awkward" as they were "not that close", she told btime.com. She added that it was "inconvenient" to be living in someone else's place.

"Although he's like a log as he doesn't talk much, everything else (about him) is pretty good," Wang said.

She also liked the fact that her date was willing to cook, though she found the food to be "mediocre".

As of Jan. 11, she was still staying at his place, The Paper reported.

Wang also appeared to respond to commenters' concerns about her potential relationship, saying that she will "work hard" for it.

She expressed hope that the pandemic will be over soon, and that her "sisters" (referring to female netizens) who are single will be able to find love soon.


China has consistently pursued a "zero-Covid" policy, implementing strict border restrictions, targeted lockdowns, and lengthy quarantines.

Wang's hometown, Zhengzhou, has reported more than 100 Covid-19 cases in the past week. The city has also tested 12.6 million residents for Covid-19 infection, Chinese state-controlled media Global Times reported.

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