Father in China donates organs of daughter, 9, who died from brain damage after classmate pushed her

He hopes a part of her can continue to live on in other people.

Belmont Lay | January 20, 2022, 03:38 AM

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A father in China made the difficult decision of donating the organs of his nine-year-old daughter who hit her head in her primary school and died, after she was accidentally shoved by another student.

It was subsequently revealed that the lack of urgency in treating the girl after she hit her head could have contributed to her untimely demise.

Brief timeline of events

A local Chinese press, Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reported that the girl, nicknamed Tongtong, died three months ago some time in November 2021, according to the South China Morning Post.

The girl was attending a primary school in southern China, in the Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The case gained currency recently in early January 2022 after the girl's father, Huang Qin, said on social media that the school has made an apology, compensated him and punished the teachers involved.

What happened

On the morning of Oct. 20, 2021, a classmate ran out of the classroom to attend a physical education class and knocked into Tongtong, who then bumped her head into a wall and fainted on the spot.

According to the father, surveillance footage showed a PE teacher limply assisting his daughter who had lost consciousness.

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Her arms and head were hanging down, according to him.

Girl allowed to proceed with PE

After the girl regained consciousness, her form teacher gave her some red sugar water to drink.

Tongtong was then asked if she felt uncomfortable.

The teacher said the girl shook her head to indicate she was not uncomfortable.

The form teacher then summoned to the office the student who pushed Tongtong.

The student's gender was not revealed.

Tongtong was asked if she would forgive the student.

The teacher told the father that his daughter said she had forgiven her classmate.

Huang said: “She was so young that she didn’t realise the seriousness of her injury. She then ran out to attend the PE class.”

Photo circulated on Weibo

Teacher didn't inform father until hours later

Despite the extent of the child's injuries, which saw her black out on the spot, the father said a teacher only called him several hours after the accident to inform him about what had happened to his daughter in school.

Huang said the last thing his daughter said to him was that she had forgotten to eat lunch at noon.

"This was the last sentence my daughter left me," Huang said.

“I was distraught. I scolded the teachers, blaming them for not detecting the problem earlier.”

Lump on her head

The father said he saw a lump the size of an egg appear above his daughter’s ear.

He then called the ambulance.

But the ambulance was a no-show for a period of time and Huang drove his own car to the hospital.

By this time, Tongtong could not swallow.

Blood in brain

It was later found that there was blood in Tongtong’s brain, and doctors opted not to operate on her.

Tongtong died from brain damage nine days later.

Donate her organs

The grief-stricken father said he cried and his hands shook when he signed the organ donation documents.

He had decided to donate seven of his daughter’s organs, including her corneas, heart and kidneys, so that she could live on in others in a way.

"The images of my child, so lively and cute, appeared in front of me,” Huang wrote on social media.

“I don’t want to be a hero praised by others. I just want to let my daughter’s heart continue beating.”

The father also wrote: "I hope she could stay in this world in another way. It is also a motivation for us to live on."

"We have received warmth from society before and now we’ve tried our best to return to society. I believe my daughter will support my decision."

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