NTUC FairPrice selling pomfret for S$50.90 per kg, half the price compared to wet markets

FYI if you haven't bought fish for your CNY feasting.

Ashley Tan | January 28, 2022, 06:12 PM

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Chinese New Year is fast approaching and the prices of many popular ingredients, such as fish, have rocketed upwards.

The prices of Chinese pomfret and red grouper, for example, have doubled.

NTUC FairPrice however, is selling these at much cheaper prices.

Cheap pomfret and grouper

A customer at FairPrice Finest at Bukit Timah Plaza shared that Chinese pomfret is going for S$50.90 per kg, while red grouper is going for S$42.90 per kg.

According to the customer, pomfret is already sold out at certain wet markets.

Photo from Joanne Jasiele Ho / FB

In contrast, both pomfret and red grouper are being sold for up to S$90 to S$100 per kg, and up to S$75 per kg, respectively, at some wet markets.

This is according to prices observed at six wet markets visited by The Straits Times on Jan. 26.

This price hike is to be expected during the Chinese New Year period, especially for popular fishes like pomfret and grouper.

However, the high prices could also be due to the recent flooding incidents in Malaysia, which affected supplies, ST reported.

Singapore's fish supplies are mainly sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Sheng Siong and Giant too

The customer also shared some of the supermarket's other fresh food offerings.

Photo from Joanne Jasiele Ho / FB

Photo from Joanne Jasiele Ho / FB

Prices for pomfret and red grouper are also lower at Sheng Siong supermarkets than wet markets, reported The New Paper.

Pomfret costs S$63.99, and red grouper costs S$69.99 there.

Meanwhile, Giant Singapore's 683 Hougang Ave 8 outlet has a promotion of two golden pomfrets for S$6, alongside other promotions for other fish. The usual price for golden pomfret is S$9.

Photo by Fiona Tan


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