Woman shocked as S'pore community cat looked dead, but it was just very calm as kids decorated it

The cat was so accommodating it looked like it had died.

Belmont Lay | December 21, 2021, 03:05 AM

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A woman in Singapore who loves cats got the shock of her life as one of her favourite community cats appeared motionless on the ground on top of a drain cover underneath a block of flats, and covered in leaves, as if it had been given its last rites.

However, upon closer inspection, it turned out that the cat was not dead but just very accommodating as it had laid prone on its side long enough for a pair of children playing with it to surround the cat's body with leaves, and even put some of the freshly plucked greens on the cat.

The cat subsequently raised its head to confirm it was not dead, but just playing along.

The incident was recounted by the woman in a Facebook post on Dec. 20.

Cat just accommodating or lazy

According to the post's caption, the woman went to visit the community cat "as usual" on Monday.

But when she got there, she was greeted by the sight of a lifeless cat on its side.

via Veronica JL NG

Even more bizarre was the sight of leaves surrounding the cat's body as if it had its body outline traced out and cordoned off.

The woman wrote: "I thought for a second that it was a 'corpse'."

Children were playing with cat

But she then met two girls at the scene who told her that they were playing with the cat and had put leaves around and on it to create a shelter and blanket for the cat to keep it warm as it was about to rain then.

via Veronica JL NG

via Veronica JL NG

The woman wrote: "They told me that it may rain and the cat may get cold."

"I was very touched."

Two photos showed the cat's head lifted off the ground.

The woman also wrote that the two children had already christened the cat Mr Kitty.

The woman told the two girls that the cat was known as Precious to her, and even shared anecdotes about the cat with them.

One of the girls then said the leaves were not enough and she went to get more.

This tickled the woman to no end.

She wrote: "Mr Kitty is totally cool about being covered in leaves 🤣🤣🤣. I love children who love to do nice things for cats and dogs. This really made my Monday!!!"

The cat then went back to sleep as if it had given up or pledged to remain as accommodating as before.

via Veronica JL NG


All media via Veronica JL NG

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