Man caught on CCTV loitering outside Siglap restaurant for over a minute before stealing customer's umbrella

Totally not suspicious at all.

Matthias Ang | December 11, 2021, 02:09 PM

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A man was caught on a restaurant's closed-circuit camera loitering at the entrance of a restaurant in Siglap for more than a minute before eventually taking a customer's umbrella leaning at the side of the entrance and walking away.

According to a Facebook post by the restaurant, Tasty Court, the incident happened at about 3.14pm on Dec. 10.

Can be seen looking at his surroundings and the restaurant's sign before finally taking the umbrella

In the video, a man dressed in white with a blue cap can be seen initially staring at a blue umbrella lying against the side of the shop.

He then walks by the entrance, appearing to look at his surroundings.

Afterwards, he proceeds to look at the restaurant's signage and the entrance, before briefly looking at his vicinity once more.

The man then steps forward to take the umbrella, opening it up as he walks away from the restaurant.

Police report made

A police report was subsequently lodged over the incident, according to a second Facebook post by Tasty Court.

According to the report, the umbrella belonged to a regular customer who had arrived for lunch at about 1pm.

The report further noted that it had been raining and that the customer had requested to leave the umbrella outside.

The customer then left the restaurant after lunch, forgetting to take the umbrella.

The customer subsequently called the restaurant, asking them to keep the umbrella for the time being.

It was at this point that the restaurant discovered that the umbrella was missing when they went outside to check.

The restaurant then checked its CCTV footage, whereupon it discovered that it had been taken by a man who had loitered outside their shop.

The restaurant has since asked its customers who stay near the shop to take note of the man and inform them if he is seen.

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Top screenshots from Tasty Court Facebook