S$26.90 Poké Ball EZ-Link charm that lights up when tapped sold out in 2 days

Can't catch 'em all.

Fasiha Nazren | December 09, 2021, 04:32 PM

EZ-Link launched a new EZ-Link charm on Dec. 8.

The EZ-Link charm is in the shape of a Poké Ball.

The LED charm apparently lights up with every tap.

It retails for S$26.90 and has no load value.

Photo from Muhammad Fadzli on Facebook.

Customers can only get up to five charms per customer.

It is available at the following Buzz stores in Singapore:

Only available in S$45 bundle

In an update on Dec. 9, Buzz Shop shared that the individual Poké Balls are fully redeemed.

Some orders and reservations cannot be fulfilled immediately due to "overwhelming responses".

The only way to get the Poké Ball charm now is to get the bundle deal, which includes a Pichu EZ-Link charm and costs S$45.

Photo from Wendy Tan on Facebook.

Top image from Buzz Shop and Muhammad Fadzli on Facebook.