I was asked to try out OSIM’s uDream Pro chair for 3 days. Weeks later, I've yet to return it.

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| Sponsored | December 06, 2021, 05:52 PM

Dear OSIM,

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter. Indeed, the letter is written in the comfort of your latest massage chair -- and it's no normal massage chair, excuse me: it's the uDream Pro.

I'd humbly add that it is one of, if not the greatest, the best chairs ever invented. I'd like to also take this opportunity to clarify that I'm not grovelling but I'd really like to not return the chair.


Herein I list down a few reasons why this chair and I are simply made for each other.

1. Stressful job

You know how the news cycle goes: it never stops.

So by working in this organisation for more than seven years, the stress has really gotten to me. Don’t believe me? Just check out my hair (or lack thereof).

It’s really a godsend that the uDream Pro has everything that can lower my stress levels.

I’d like to congratulate you on a job well done with the AI Stress Analysis, which -- if I may add -- is the next best thing since sliced bread.

The chair not only measures my heart and respiratory rate but also calculates my overall body tension and heart age index (which is the age of my heart – I’m a 38-year-old with a 33-year-old heart).

I shall not get too geeky but I must say I was nonetheless amazed by how the chair’s AI Biosensors incorporate and utilise the latest electrocardiogram technology.

I simply lay my palms on the biosensors and voila, I can see all my vital measurements.

OSIM, if you need proof of how stressed I was before uDream Pro, here’s the receipt.

A score of 63 means that I was feeling stressed out most of the time and should manage Body Tension level “very proactively” (as stated in the brochure). After a week of using it, my body tension is now hovering around the 30s.

Now, to remain proactive, I do need the chair by my side 24/7.

2. It is really simple to use and operate

The next thing I’d like to highlight to you is the ease of use.

Heck, it is so easy to use that my two kiddos are operating it without my assistance.

There are two ways of operating the chair: one via the control panel on the chair itself and the second, which is my favourite, via the OSIM uDream Pro app.

Other than measuring and monitoring my body tension and other well-being indicators, the app consists of a wide-ranging suite of pre-determined massage programmes.

As a butt and thigh kinda guy, my favourite is naturally the butt and thighs massage. Of course there are also other areas too such as head and neck and lumbar.

Other full body massage programmes also include stretch, sleep, energise and deep tissue.

And because of how smart the chair is, it also allows me to download programmes such as CEO, beauty, immune booster and healthy mum. As someone who will never be a CEO, I find myself slipping into the CEO programme a lot.

Hello there.

Thank you for adding more programmes periodically too whenever better and smarter massage programmes are developed.

May I suggest a Forever programme where I do not need to return this chair?

3. It stimulates my senses

When my business colleague first told me that it’s the world’s first 5-senses well-being chair, to be perfectly honest, I was sceptical.

How is it even possible, I thought. That must be some marketing spiel.

I mean, does it give off the scent of lavender fields?

Does it give off some sort of mood lights?

Does it play music with 3D surround sound?

Does it give me the feeling of being tenderised by a real human exuding nothing but warmth?

Does it feed me chocolates?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. I didn’t enjoy the last yes because I was told that because of Covid-19, it’s better that I buy my own chocolates. But otherwise, there’s the uDream Pro Lavender Dark Chocolate as a healthy snack to enjoy at the start of each session.

Now, allow me to congratulate you on a job well done in the four other senses.

With the DreamScent Aroma Pods that fit snugly on each side of the chair, it gives off one of three types of aroma, namely: Mandarin Blossom, Lavender and Aroma Tea.

The chair also features mood lights and I can even customise it to my favourite Mothership hue to pair it with the CEO massage programme.

Honestly, the chair’s impressive 3D surround sound speakers are hands down my favourite. The speakers filt 45 degrees towards me and I can receive the best resonance and transport myself right in front of an Adele concert or in the theatres watching the latest movie.

I do not know of a massage chair like this. Heck, even going to a spa cannot stimulate all my senses at once.

Oh and if I’m really in the mood, I can pair it with an Oculus for a VR experience. It comes with two pre-set modes: an underwater odyssey and a breathing exercise.

Or I could just download some games on the Oculus to play while getting all the tender loving care.


4. It looks really nice

As a purveyor of all things beautiful (hope you are reading this, wife), the uDream Pro is simply stunning.

The smooth, rounded edges, the sleek lines, the lux leather and the special iridescent finish easily make this chair a centerpiece of any home.

This look can last forever in my home as well since it transcends decoration styles.

5. And finally, I love it.

I end my letter with more love. I love the chair and although the chair doesn’t speak, it is smart enough to reciprocate my love with its tender touch.

The feeling, I dare say, is 100 per cent mutual.

In fact, it is coming between me and my favourite pastime, foot massage. But why fork out a few hundred dollars for a package every few months when I can just keep the chair and enjoy myself until the next best chair comes out again (I was told that it will probably be a good four to five years till the next flagship because like smartphones, all I need to do is to download new software to keep the hardware relevant).

Thank you, OSIM. For your kind consideration, please.

Yours sincerely,

Tan Xing Qi -- uDream Pro convert and now lover.

PS: I was told by HR that I’m not allowed to keep this chair even if it’s a gift. OSIM, please do something about this.

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