M'sian siblings dress up as waiters to surprise parents upon returning home from S'pore after 2 years

A beautiful surprise.

Jane Zhang | December 11, 2021, 11:04 AM

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The Covid-19 pandemic has kept many people away from their loved ones for extended periods of time, due to border restrictions.

The easing of some restrictions, such as through the establishment of Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs), has opened the door to some heartwarming reunions of long-separated families.

A trio of Malaysian siblings working in Singapore who have been unable to go home for nearly two years had a beautiful reunion with their parents, with the added element of surprise.

Hadn't returned home in nearly two years

In a Facebook post on Dec. 7, Choong Kai Yee shared that it had been nearly two years since she and her younger brother Alex and younger sister Kai Le were able to go home to Malaysia.

33-year-old Singapore permanent resident Kai Yee told WeirdKaya that she has been working in Singapore for 12 years and is married to a Singaporean. Meanwhile, Alex has been working in Singapore for eight years while Kai Le has worked in Singapore for five.

They were very happy, then, when the land Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) with Malaysia was launched on Nov. 29 and started planning a visit home. However, they told their mother that they would not be able to return until Chinese New Year.

That was when the surprise planning began.

The siblings' eldest sister suggested that she bring their parents to eat at Holiday Inn Johor Bahru City Centre, and Kai Yee proposed for the three Singapore-based siblings to pretend to be the restaurant's service staff.

Pretend to be staff

The trio arrived in Johor Bahru on Dec. 6, and Holiday Inn staff helped them don the uniforms in order to pretend to be waiters.

(Left to right) Kai Yee, Alex, and Kai Le dressed as restaurant staff. Photo via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

Then, it was time for the charade to begin, with the assistance of face masks which would hide their features.

Alex went first, helping their father with some of the food. Their father kept looking at Alex, and even commented, "Looks like Ah Boy (Alex) ah, this one."

Photo via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

However, when Alex continued helping to serve him without acknowledging he was his son, their father went back to focusing on the food.

Alex also purposefully only spoke English to their father, and misdirected him when assisting him with the food, such as by asking him to cook the kway teow himself in order to direct him to Kai Le.

Upon encountering Kai Le, their father did not appear to register it was her, as he was preoccupied with figuring out where to cook his kway teow.

However, after a few moments, he looked at Kai Le and exclaimed, "She looks just like Le Le [Kai Le]!"

Photo via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

He remarked that her eyes and forehead looked just like Kai Le's, and that she was the same height as her.

Then, all three siblings delivered food over to their mother at the table, although she did not realise they were her children.

Photo via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

However, after the three siblings left the table, she looked shocked and made the same comment as her husband had earlier, saying that the waitress looked just like "Le Le".

"Her voice even sounds like her," she expressed.

Photo via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

Surprise reveal

The surprise was finally revealed when both parents sat down at the table to eat, and all three siblings came over to assist.

"Look at your youngest daughter over there," their father said to their mother, pointing at Kai Le. He seemed to either have figured it out, or was just speaking about how similar they looked.

Kai Le faked a shocked look on her face.

Gif via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

"Look closely," he said.

"Is it really Ah Le?", their mother asked, looking over inquisitively.

Then, Alex took off his face mask, revealing his identity and shocking their parents.

Gif via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

Kai Yee also followed suit and showed that she had been there all along as well.

Gif via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

The siblings' father effusively celebrated their return, and emotions ran high all around for the happy reunion.

Gif via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

Gif via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

Parents love all five children equally

Kai Yee expressed her gratitude to the staff at Holiday Inn Johor Bahru City Centre for their help in the plan.

She also wrote a tribute to her parents:

"My parents have five children and they have never been partial. They love us all equally.

We also love them dearly. I'm very happy that we returned safely, our parents are healthy, and we are finally reunited ❤️"

Photo via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.

The siblings' reunion with their parents has clearly touched the hearts of many, as Kai Yee has been shared more than 10,000 times and has garnered nearly 2,000 comments.

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Top photo via Facebook / Choong Kai Yee.