176cm tall Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon loses weight from 49kg to 45kg, sparking concern

Jung shared that she lost 4kg in 10 days after Squid Game was released.

Lean Jinghui | December 21, 2021, 04:31 PM

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Following the success of Netflix hit Squid Game, many of its actors and actresses have been propelled to new heights of international stardom.

Doubly so for South Korean actress and model Jung Ho Yeon, who played the North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok and player number 067 in Squid Game.

Many were concerned after noticing Jung looking particularly thin in a recent series of Instagram photos on her profile, according to Allkpop.

The photos showed Jung in various outfits that she had worn for different events overseas.

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"No time to eat"

In an interview with Korean entertainment news agency Star News on Dec. 17, Jung revealed that her schedule had been very packed in the U.S., to the point that she had "no time to eat".

As a result, she lost 4kg in the 10 days after Squid Game was first released:

"So I lost a lot of weight. All the clothes that fit me when I first went to the U.S. are now baggy."

In an earlier interview with the Hollywood Reporter on Dec. 4, Jung had also shared that she lost almost 3kg in a week, when Squid Game became successful: "I couldn’t eat — it wasn’t stress, I just didn’t know this feeling. I was kind of losing myself."

According to Allkpop, Jung's weight was previously revealed to be 49kg at 176cm tall, which means that she would now weigh in at about 45kg.

Jung's schedule has been confirmed to already be fully packed, until about February 2022.

Netizens urge Jung to eat well and rest

Following Jung's recent Instagram post, several netizens expressed concern over Jung's slim figure, sharing that she seemed to be "getting skinnier and skinnier".

Via Jung Ho Yeon Instagram

Via Jung Ho Yeon Instagram

One picture, in particular, seemed to garner much attention from Jung's fans, who pointed out that Jung seemed especially thin in the shot.

Via Jung Ho Yeon Instagram

Fellow actress Park Ju Hyun also expressed her concern, writing: “My friend, are you going to be left only as bones?”

Via Jung Ho Yeon Instagram

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