Indonesian teens chase mosque staff with machete after WiFi password was changed

They were supposedly playing games when they were disconnected.

Faris Alfiq | December 27, 2021, 02:26 PM

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Two teens in Medan, Indonesia, chased a group of mosque staff with a machete after they were supposedly disconnected from their online game.

An Indonesian news site, Detik, reported that the staff of the Al Muslim Mosque in East Medan, Indonesia, changed the WiFi password of the mosque while the teens were said to have been playing games at about 11pm on Dec. 24.

Purported CCTV footage of the incident was posted on @tkpmedan Instagram page.

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Staff were seen running

The footage showed two teens entering an area believed to be where the mosque staff were.

A few seconds later, three men, believed to be the staff, can be seen running frantically from the area and across the corridor.

The teens were behind the staff, with one of them seen holding what looked like a machete.

Kompas reported that the mosque staff subsequently lodged a police report of the incident.

Teens were playing games before disconnected

On Dec. 26, Kompas reported that the police confirmed the incident and that the teenagers were arrested.

"When the password was changed, the teens were in the midst of playing their games or something. They couldn't get WiFi from the mosque any more," Rona Tambunan, head of the East Medan Police Headquarters, said.

Rona added that the teens are still in custody and are undergoing investigations.

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Top images screenshot via @tkpmedia/Instagram