Indonesian man claims he was hired to take Covid-19 vaccines on behalf of 14 people

The man claimed that he once received three jabs in a day.

Jean Chien Tay | December 30, 2021, 12:54 PM

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An Indonesian man recently revealed that he had been paid to take 14 shots of the Covid-19 vaccine on behalf of others, Kompas reported.

Abdul Rahim, 49, said in a video that he had taken 16 jabs in total, with 14 of those meant for other people. The video has reportedly gone viral.

In exchange for taking these shots, he said he received payments ranging from IDR100,000 (S$9.50) to IDR800,000 (S$75.90) for each jab.

Took Astra Zeneca and Sinovac

The construction worker from Pinrang, South Sulawesi, claimed that he replaced those who were afraid of being injected.

According to Detik, Abdul received two types of Covid-19 vaccines, Astra Zeneca and Sinovac, and he felt weak after being injected with the vaccines.

He claimed that he once received three jabs in a day, and drank coconut water before and after receiving the jabs. He added that the sleep was "good".

Abdul also reportedly told the police that he did it for the money.

Charges yet to be determined

According to the local police, Abdul offered his services to some of his clients, while others came to him directly for help, Detik reported.

The police said on Dec. 23 that nine people, including Abdul, have been investigated, and another six individuals will be investigated as well.

Abdul is currently considered a witness in the case, and the police reportedly said that they will determine his charges after looking into the laws that he might have violated.

Abdul's family has revealed that he suffers from mental disorders, though the authorities said he would have to undergo a medical examination to verify his condition, Kompas reported.


In response to the news, the chairman of the Indonesian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation -- Professor Sri Rezeki Hadinegoro -- said he has yet to study the effects that arise from taking the Covid-19 vaccine over the prescribed number of doses, Detik reported.

He referred to the incident as "criminal", and urged the police to resolve the case "immediately".

Meanwhile, Tirta Mandira Hudhi, who's a doctor and an influencer, said the incident revealed the shortcomings of Indonesia's system for verifying data related to vaccinations.

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Top image via @cobeh2021/Twitter & Mufid Majnun/Unsplash