Iguana stops bus & cars like a boss along Lentor Avenue, hugs tree on road divider for comfort

Might be its grandfather's road.

Karen Lui | December 21, 2021, 04:46 PM

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Why did the iguana cross the road?

In a video shared on Facebook on Dec. 19, a plucky iguana was seen having an intense staredown with vehicles in the middle of the road along Lentor Avenue.

Unfortunately, the reptile did not get to the other side and was last seen perched on a tree trunk along a road divider -- for its own safety, ultimately.

Stare down with vehicles on road

With its back arched, the sizeable lizard was holding its ground as it faced oncoming vehicles straight on.

After bringing a public bus to a complete halt and making the bus captain get off to guide the iguana off the road, the iguana appeared content staying put.

This was after the bus driver tried waving both his arms and stamping his foot to get the iguana to move.

Video by Ivan Goh via SG PCN Cyclist.

The stubborn reptile only started moving forward when the bus driver stepped a little too close to its long tail.

Takes a village to guide an iguana

According to Ivan Goh who shared the video on the SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group, pedestrians and road users including cyclists, passers-by, a bus driver, and a driver who lent his umbrella, assisted in guiding the iguana off the road.

Instead of moving towards the side of the road, the cold-blooded creature harboured other ideas as it made its way between the bus and another vehicle.

Video by Ivan Goh via SG PCN Cyclist.

In the next scene, the adventurous iguana then found its way under the bus.

As the vehicle squealed while moving forward, the iguana quickly scampered off from under the bus and parked itself in the middle of the road, albeit making a few small ginger steps.

Video by Ivan Goh via SG PCN Cyclist.

In the next frame, the iguana appeared to find some temporary respite on the road divider where it was mostly safe from being potential roadkill.

After turning around to inspect his surroundings, the determined guy was on the move again, making a brief stop to assess the traffic.

Video by Ivan Goh via SG PCN Cyclist.

In the final scene, our reptilian hero had climbed up a tree as he mulled his next move.

Video by Ivan Goh via SG PCN Cyclist.

Click here to view the full video.

Illegal pet trade

According to Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) (Acres) in 2014, iguanas have been introduced to Singapore as illegal pets.

Over the past decade, they have increasingly been found in the wild in Singapore and Thailand, most likely due to the international reptile trade.

These iguanas are arboreal (i.e. live in trees) and largely herbivorous.

The green iguana was one of the first lizard species kept as pets.

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Top images by Ivan Goh on SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group.