Man shouts at Hillion Mall security after sitting at sealed off area, apprehended by police under mental health act

The seat was cordoned off for safe distancing.

Fasiha Nazren | December 18, 2021, 05:57 PM

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A video uploaded to TikTok and Facebook on Dec. 17 documented a man shouting at a security guard at Hillion Mall.

Shouting at security

While what the man was shouting was mostly unintelligible, the caption in the video said that the man insisted to sit at a barricaded seat when there are many other empty tables.

In a second video, the man was seen resisting arrest by a couple of policemen and a man in plain clothes.

Sat at cordoned off area

In response to Mothership's queries, the police said that they received a call for assistance at a food court along 17 Petir Road.

Identified as a 29-year-old man, he was found sitting at a seat cordoned off for safe distancing.

Apprehended under Mental Health Act

The police added that he became uncooperative when advised by safe distancing ambassadors to sit at another location.

"As it was assessed that the man might pose a danger to himself, he was subsequently apprehended under Section 7 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act."

Additionally, an off-duty officer had assisted the responding police officers in the apprehension of the man after hearing the commotion.

No injuries were reported.

Top image screenshot from video.

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