Dedicated S'pore Gojek driver returns passenger's lost phone 45 minutes after ride

Not all gloom and doom out there.

Mandy How | December 13, 2021, 07:31 PM

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In a welcomed twist, Facebook page Complaint Singapore has logged a compliment for an honest deed by a Gojek driver.

The incident was shared by one Muhammad Nur Farhan Shah, who was a passenger in the private-hire vehicle.

Farhan was travelling form Punggol to IKEA Tampines, but left his phone behind in the vehicle after he alighted.

The passenger said he was "totally shock[ed]" and in a panicky state, as he had no idea what to do without a phone.

For the next 45 minutes, Farhan sat at the same spot—until the driver appeared to return him the phone.

Farhan added that the driver, Sunny Tan, actually had another passenger in the car at that time on the "far side".

Photo via Muhammad Nur Farhan Shah/Facebook

However, it is not clear if Farhan had somehow communicated with Tan and waited for his return, or it had been a serendipitous encounter that the two met again.

Nonetheless, the passenger said that he "rewarded" the driver, and hopes that Gojek will do the same as well.

Photo via Muhammad Nur Farhan Shah/Facebook

Photo via Muhammad Nur Farhan Shah/Facebook

Top image via Muhammad Nur Farhan Shah/Facebook