Pregnant lady in S'pore thought she's having a stomachache, delivers baby at home minutes later

An unexpected delivery.

Zi Shan Kow | December 11, 2021, 12:20 PM

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On Dec. 6, a 39-week pregnant woman living in Potong Pasir thought she was having a stomachache and went to the toilet.

Little did she expect that it was her baby coming out, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Delivered in less than five minutes

The woman's 61-year-old mother, surnamed Tan, told Shin Min Daily News that the baby, who is the woman's second child, arrived three days early.

Tan said that her daughter's husband was already calling for an ambulance while her daughter was in the toilet.

"He suddenly heard her shout, 'I can see the head!' and he ran into the toilet to help her to the bed to rest," said Tan.

The husband phoned Tan, who lived in the next block, to come and take care of their two-year-old daughter, as he intended to send his wife to the hospital immediately.

But the baby couldn't wait, and Tan stood outside the bedroom with her granddaughter while the husband helped her daughter with the delivery.

In less than five minutes, Tan could hear the cries of a newborn.

A pleasant surprise

Tan was beyond relieved when the baby was born, reported Shin Min Daily News.

The husband informed the ambulance that the baby has been delivered, and three paramedics arrived around noon to check on the mother and her newborn.

The paramedics helped to cut the umbilical cord, and conveyed both of them to the KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

The husband brought their daughter to his parents' place, before hurrying over to the hospital.

Tan stayed in their home to clean up the blood in the bedroom and toilet.

"I've heard of pregnant women giving birth in taxis, but I never thought my own daughter would give birth at home, it's really a pleasant surprise," said Tan.

Both mother and newborn are well and healthy.

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Top image by Shin Min Daily News.