Foodpanda to open 9 new stores around S'pore with 24/7 delivery, orders to reach within 15 minutes

Currently, Foodpanda has 15 stores in operation.

Matthias Ang | December 11, 2021, 04:11 PM

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Foodpanda has established the first of its nine new pandamart stores as part of its objective to eventually provide round-the-clock delivery of grocery orders to Singaporeans within 15 minutes, a press release by the company stated.

According to a press release by Foodpanda, the first of these new stores has opened at Boon Lay Shopping Centre, and retails over 5,000 products ranging from snacks, ready-to-eat meals, alcohol, home cleaning products, to maternal care items and pet essentials.

Additional stores meant to keep up with increasing demand

The additional stores are part of the Foodpanda's intent to keep up with the increase in demand for online grocery shopping.

The press release further highlighted that since pandamart was launched in Jan. 2020, it has grown from five stores to 15 at present, with a 32-fold increase in orders, largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the adoption of online grocery shopping.

As such, the establishment of the nine new stores will include relocating and upgrading some of the older pandamart stores so that they are better equipped to meet the demands of the specific community they operate in.

Such upgrades will include the fitting of cold chain facilities, thereby allowing the stores to put up even more fresh produce for sale, along with meat and seafood.

The retail director of Foodpanda Singapore, Diego Pinto, was quoted as saying:

"We believe it is a matter of time before a majority of our customers in Singapore rely on q-commerce for their home and lifestyle needs, and pandamart is here to fulfil their current and future demands. Since the pandemic, people have become more accustomed to on-demand delivery services, not just for food delivery, but for groceries as well. This habit will be here to stay, and we want pandamart to be customers’ top choice when they need groceries fast."

Greater variety of potato chips and instant noodles with unique flavour to be imported from all over the world

In addition, all pandamart stores will also retail meat and seafood products by the end of 2021, so that customers can access a wider range of groceries.

More products will also be exclusively imported from all over the world including unique items such as limited-edition flavoured potato chips, or uncommon flavours of instant noodles.

The retail director of foodpanda Singapore, Diego Pinto, added:

"With this phase of pandamart expansion, we will be one step closer to achieving almost 50 per cent reduction in delivery timing from about 24 minutes to 15 minutes. Our end goal is for pandamart to be an extension of our customers’ kitchen and pantry - having everything they need delivered to them as fast as possible."

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Top image by Foodpanda