S'pore man realises bus captain who got off bus to help lost elderly man is secondary school friend

The elderly man had boarded the wrong bus.

Ashley Tan | December 17, 2021, 01:37 PM

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A random act of kindness recently led to a rather serendipitous reunion between two men in Singapore.

A commuter, Joshua Simon, shared to Facebook on Dec. 15 about his chance encounter with an old friend.

Stopped the bus

Simon was onboard an SMRT bus when a fellow elderly passenger realised he had boarded the wrong bus.

The elderly man's panic was noticed by the bus captain, who then went the extra mile to make sure his passenger found his way again.

Simon shared that the bus captain proceeded to stop the bus, and subsequently alighted to help the man cross the road as he had some difficulty walking.

Photo from Joshua Simon / FB

An old friend

It was only when Simon went up to say "Hi" to the bus captain did he realise the man was an old friend from secondary school.

Both had attended Greenridge Secondary School in the past, and according to Simon, the pair "used to study together, play Diablo 2 in my house after school, [and] get bullied together".

Photo from Joshua Simon / FB

He expressed his surprise at seeing his old friend, Bo Hao, once again in the neighbourhood they grew up in.

"To see him years later, as this incredible, kind, bus captain that he is, serving the neighbourhood we all grew up in - this man is the best of us, Singapore."

SMRT also gave Bo Hao's act of kindness a shout out on their Facebook page.

Bo Hao shared that knowing the problems the elderly face at their age, he offers help to them "when I can".

You can read SMRT's post here.

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Top photo from Joshua Simon / FB