Hongkong actress Athena Chu allegedly tricked into filming a '90s porn-like movie with nude scenes

Chu considers her role in the movie to be a low point of her career.

Alfie Kwa | December 08, 2021, 05:59 PM

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Known for starring alongside Stephen Chow in "Fight Back to School II" in 1992 and "A Chinese Odyssey" in 1995, Athena Chu was popular back in the 1990s.

According to 8days, Chu recently revealed that she was tricked into acting a role in a category III movie, where other actresses in the movie had nude scenes.

The movie in question, called "Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan", came out in 1998.

The movie

Image via IMDb.

The movie, directed by Wong Jing, involved a male serial rapist who is obsessed with young women in uniforms.

At the beginning of the movie, the man introduces his girlfriend, who is a nurse. The girlfriend was dressed in her nurse's outfit as they had sexual intercourse. The actress removes her clothes in the scene, revealing the top half of her body.

Bored of his current partner, he planned to rape or kill his next target.

The man eventually pursues a schoolgirl who is Chu's sister in the movie and becomes acquainted with Chu's character.

Throughout the movie, Chu's character has several scenes where she acted seductively.

Image via IMDb.

Acting in a category III movie

When inviting Chu to star in the movie, the director reportedly told her that it was a romantic thriller film in which she would play a cop.

Image via IMDb.

However, Chu only found out after accepting the role that the other actresses who appeared in the movie had nude scenes.

Also, the title of the movie was changed after filming was completed.

Chu felt that she couldn't do anything at the time since the movie had already been shot, which led to her feeling rather hopeless about her situation, according to 8days.

Her bold performance in the movie had supposedly caused a stir when it was released, and some audience could not accept her role. Also, many felt that since the actress was fairly popular during that period, she did not have to appear in this type of film.

Chu now considers her role in the movie to be a low point of her career.

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Images via Zhu Yin/Weibo and IMDb