Woman in China kneels in public, allegedly begging suitor to give up after chasing her for 5 years


Tanya Ong | November 21, 2021, 04:03 PM

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A woman from Anhui, China, has reportedly had enough with a suitor.

Pleading on her knees

A video circulating on social media showed the woman kneeling on the streets and agitatedly kowtowing to a man, also on his knees.

The pair was seen with a bouquet of flowers next to them.

The woman appeared to be pleading with him, and ended up tossing the flowers back at him.

Photo via Taiwan Apple Daily.

Dialogue cannot be heard in most of the videos that are circulating online.

However, a video shared by ET Today claimed that an eyewitness said that the man had pursued her for five years, often professing his love for her.

ET Today also reported that the woman repeatedly rejected him, but he never took her words to heart and continued chasing her.

In the end, the woman "couldn't take it" and pleaded with the man to give up. Yahoo Taiwan News reported that she had yelled: "Please let me go!"

The response of the man is not shown in the video clip, and it is unclear what the outcome of their exchange was.

The video did spark an online discussion, with varied reactions, according to media reports. While some netizens thought that the man should respect her wishes and leave her alone since she has rejected him, others felt that the woman could have given him a chance.

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Top photo via 悦享新社会/Weibo, Taiwan Apple Daily.