MBS hotel guest charged S$18.83 for 2 bowls of white rice for in-room dining

Wealth flex.

Tanya Ong | November 17, 2021, 05:25 PM

Generally one can expect to pay a premium for in-room dining at hotels.

For one, the food is served to your doorstep without you even needing to put on a proper outfit. And there are also all-day dining options, which proves to be very convenient for late-night cravings.

S$18.83 for 2 bowls of white rice

One person on TikTok, @richlife1688, took to the platform to share their in-room dining experience at Marina Bay Sands, a five-star luxury hotel in Singapore.

The order? Two bowls of white rice.

Here it is:



Each bowl of jasmine white rice costs S$8, excluding GST and service charge, according to the receipt shown. This works out to a total charge of S$18.83.

In-room dining at MBS

Dishes on MBS' in-room dining menu range from Southeast Asian to local fare, with some international options as well.

A Hainanese chicken rice, for instance, costs S$28, a nasi goreng kampung costs S$29 and a grilled Angus beef burger is S$34.

And in case you're wondering, yep, "jasmine white rice" indeed costs S$8:

Which might prompt one to ask: Who orders white rice from room service, especially when it costs S$8?

A big flex

Some responses to the TikTok have pointed this out, saying that the cost of the rice is not at all worth it.

True to the TikTok account's theme, however, the account features all sorts of experiences either outrightly flaunting the person's wealth or alluding to it.

Like showing a bag of money containing stacks of S$100 bills.


Or spoils from shopping, with a caption saying "go shopping not enough hand to carry".


And showing a bed with money scattered all over it:


The same soundtrack plays in the background ("You Know Who Is My Father?") for the videos.

This phenomenon of people seemingly flexing their wealth on the platform might be quite a niche segment for now, but one that exists nonetheless.

Here's another, with a person showing a bank balance of over S$1 million:


Top photo via TikTok/richlife1688.