Westwood Primary School canteen to serve halal plant-based food every Wednesday from 2022

Healthier and more environmentally-friendly.

Ashley Tan | November 17, 2021, 07:05 PM

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From the start of the school term in 2022, Westwood Primary School in Jurong will be serving plant-based food at its canteen for a day every week.

This is part of a campaign between the South West Community Development Council (CDC) and local food technology company Life3 Biotech.

Plant-based food on 'Woke Wednesday'

The campaign is called "Woke Wednesday", and the press release on Nov. 17 described the reasoning behind the name as such:

"'Woke', a word of action popularised by the Gen Z, means being acutely aware of various social issues and taking action on such concerns to strive for something better. Back-dropped by the myriad factors of global pandemic, climate change, rising world population against the decreasing rate of food production globally, the dire need for Singapore to innovate itself as a centre of urban food production and to diversify our food sources have emerged in the recent years.

Hence, the conversation on sustainability, food security and nutritional health should start young. A national outreach programme developed by LIFE3, 'Woke Wednesday' aims to champion an 'Ecotarian' diet, consisting  of food in a sustainable way which does not harm the environment and at the same time, improves nutritional health."

It aims to raise public awareness on sustainability, food security and nutritional health issues, starting with schools.

Under the campaign, Westwood Primary School students will get to try dishes cooked with LIFE3's plant-based protein, Peasy, every Wednesday.

South West CDC Mayor Low Yen Ling interacting with students who tried the Peasy dishes at Westwood Primary School. Photo from South West CDC.

According to LIFE3's website, Peasy is a nutritional ready-mix plant protein that includes pea protein among other components, and comes in two flavours — "nice 'n spicy", and "yummy BBQ".

A spokesperson of LIFE3 added that a halal food manufacturer has been appointed to convert Peasy raw ingredients into finished products.

Peasy is also a healthier option, as it complies with the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice nutrition guidelines.

BBQ flavoured Peasy mix which retails at S$3.90 on its website.

Hot and spicy flavoured Peasy mix which retails at S$3.90 on its website.

Other eco-activities

The campaign also includes other activities such as assembly talks by industry and community experts to raise awareness on environmental topics such as carbon footprints.

Resources will be provided for youth ambassadors to establish interest groups to engage and advocate good habits in school that promote a lower carbon footprint, waste reduction, and switching to more sustainable local food sources in their diet.

Currently, three other secondary schools have indicated interest in joining the campaign.

Photo from South West CDC

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Top photo from South West CDC