Wang Lei tears up recounting how Marcus Chin helped him at his lowest

Chin had brought Wang to perform at concerts, record albums, and film comedies when he was struggling financially.

Lean Jinghui | November 27, 2021, 09:50 PM

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Four of Marcus Chin's pals—Wang Lei, Dennis Chew, Mark Lee, and Chen Biyu—have shared their thoughts after his episode on Quan Yi Fong's talkshow "Hear U Out".

The interaction took place on Mediacorp's bite-sized series #JustSwipeLah with host Juin Teh.

For those who did not catch the episode, Chin, 67, had spoken openly about his affair with his fan-turned-personal assistant, Eileen Cheah.

During the interview, Chin revealed that he continues to pay his wife and ex-girlfriend S$5,000 every month for alimony and child support obligations, and how he had been completely broke when he first came back to Singapore from Malaysia after his break up with Cheah.

Not the type to borrow money from friends

In particular, Wang Lei, veteran getai singer and livestream host, expressed that he'd been "dumbfounded" when he saw the episode, adding that he would have helped Chin out if he had known.

Wang said:

“I was dumbfounded...Marcus has never borrowed money from people, even till now. At that point in time, things were already stable for me, so if he ever mentioned it to me, I won't hesitate, I can even give him all my regular [getai] gigs. If I only have S$1,000 on hand, I will lend him S$900.”

Chin gave Wang help when he needed it the most

Later on in the interview with Teh, Wang elaborated that this was because Chin had been there for him since he entered the industry, and when Wang needed money the most.

Wang said that in fact, all his clothes and shoes had been given to him by Chin when he first joined showbiz.

This includes a yellow designer T-shirt from 1998, which Wang still wears to this day.

Chin had also been there for Wang at one of the "poorest and lowest points" in his life.

According to Wang, Chin had known about his struggles to pay his children's nanny back then, and invited him to sing at a charity show.

While Wang had thought that he'd be getting S$50 at the most, Chin actually gave him a S$600 red packet after the performance.

"It relieved a lot of my woes. After that, I saw him as my father — I told him, my ancestral tablet has to include your name!”

Tearing up

When asked by Teh if he had any words for Chin, Wang shared candidly that if not for Chin, he would not be who he is today.

Wang said, while tearing up with emotion:

“When I was going through a rough time, when I needed help, Marcus appeared. He brought me to perform at concerts, record albums, and film comedies, and the income these projects was a lot more than what I was earning from my gigs.”

Wiping away tears, Wang added that Chin did all this for him when he needed money the most, as he was jobless back then.

“He knows that I'm poor and will always give me clothes and shoes to wear... Thank you Marcus. Although my livelihood is more stable now, I still have to thank you, for helping me without any hesitation back then."

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