Stairwell of Clementi HDB block turned rainbow coloured for 3 hours because art

More of such things in Singapore, please.

Belmont Lay | November 26, 2021, 01:17 PM

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The stairwell of a HDB block of flats in Clementi was turned rainbow coloured as part of a fleeting art exhibition that lasted merely three hours.

Photos of the exhibition at Block 312A Clementi Avenue 4 on Saturday, Nov. 20 have been put up on Facebook.

It was put together by a collective, Very Small Exhibition, from 7pm to 10pm.
The lights of the stairwell on every floor were covered with different coloured cellophane paper to create the overall rainbow effect.

It took two hours to put up and one hour to take down.

From the ground floor, members of the public who chanced upon the exhibition were greeted by this scene:

Photo via Jia Jing

What the project is about

According to the group, the project was started by three friends who want to use existing infrastructure in Singapore to carry out temporary work to jolt the people who chance upon their exhibitions.

The "About Us" of the group read:

Very Small Exhibition is an experimental exhibition/ installation/ project space started by three friends. Singapore is increasingly overrun by cookie cutter malls with identical retail programming, and our intention is to give designers/ artists a platform to experiment/ showcase their work and hopefully bring a smile, curiosity or even wtf-ness to anyone walking past the work. we invite you to join us.

Previously, Very Small Exhibition also did the same effect for a HDB block void deck.

An upcoming exhibition is titled, *Random Message for a Stranger 2*.
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