Govt will consider suggestion to make unvaxxed Covid-19 patients pay for their treatment: Ong Ye Kung

He said that this would serve as a strong signal for the unvaccinated to get their jabs.

Joshua Lee | November 02, 2021, 03:30 PM

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Minister for Health Ong Ye Kung said yesterday (Nov. 1) that the government has been receiving suggestions from members of the public as well as Members of Parliament to make unvaccinated Covid-19 patients pay for part of their own medical treatment.

This suggestion, said Ong, will be considered carefully by the government.

"We should be clear that the objective is not for collecting revenue, and cost of treatment will still be heavily subsidised. Instead, this serves as a strong signal for the unvaccinated to get their jabs."

Ong added that the health ministry will continue striving to expand the portfolio of Covid-19 vaccines that are brought in under the National Vaccination Programme, so that there is a suitable vaccine for everyone.

Ong also revealed that the number of unvaccinated elderly in the local population has dropped from 200,000 in June 2021 to fewer than 70,000 right now.

"For those who remain unvaccinated, we will continue to reach out and provide detailed information on the benefits of vaccination against the risk of disease to address their concerns and convince them to be vaccinated," said the health minister.

According to Ong, more people have come forward to get vaccinated ever since the vaccination-differentiated safe management measures were implemented, which allowed fully vaccinated persons to participate in more community and economic activities.

As of October 31, 84 per cent of the local population has been fully vaccinated. 85 per cent has received at least one dose, and 16 per cent has received their booster shots.

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