Little girl in Taiwan dresses up as President Tsai Ing-wen for Halloween

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Belmont Lay | November 01, 2021, 12:16 PM

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A little girl in Taiwan dressed up as Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen, and nailed the signature look with her on point hair, spectacles, and outfit.

Photos of the short-haired girl has trended in the self-ruled island after she was spotted out and about on the streets with an adult and other children.

According to Taiwanese media United Daily News, the little girl even humorously shouted: "Taiwan's future is not a dream."

Steal the look

The Taiwanese leader's looks were borrowed wholesale by the little girl, who got it down pat by also wearing square-frame glasses and a light grey suit jacket.

The parting on her hair was also a dead ringer.

The girl even held up a sign showing Tsai wearing the same clothes so there was not mistaking who she was trying to look like.

via Tsai Ing-wen Facebook

Online responses to the cosplay were, predictably, overwhelmingly good.

Many said the look was "99 per cent" accurate, while others praised the president for having a trademark recognisable look, and providing the inspiration for young ones.

Another kid dressed up as another politician

And it appeared that Tsai was not the only politician who got a fan.

One other kid turned up for Halloween as minister of health and welfare Chen Shih-chung.


Taiwan's Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung via Getty

The boy is seen with grey hair, wrinkles and eye bags, while wearing the signature vest-shirt combo, as he cosplayed the minister who is hugely popular in Taiwan.

Chen currently oversees the island's well-being in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been battling hard to suppress infection rates.

In the boy's hand is the "+0" local cases of Covid-19 sign.

Halloween a big deal in Taiwan

Taiwanese parents are known to go to great lengths to dress up for Halloween.

A previous edition saw a kid turn herself into a headless ghoul that was too realistic for comfort for some kids and parents.

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Top photos via ImYoonAYa Twitter & fififans Facebook