2 teens, 15 & 16, allegedly beat up teen, 18, at Golden Mile, police asked them to return & they did


Mandy How | November 08, 2021, 06:51 PM

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Two teenagers have been arrested after allegedly beating up an 18-year-old at Golden Mile Complex.

The events leading to the arrest, however, was not as straightforward.

Purported snippets from the incident were also uploaded to Facebook.

Reason for alleged attack unknown

The alleged assault had occurred on the night of Nov. 6, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

According to Wanbao, a group of youths had gathered at the complex's loading bay. Two of them, who are 15 and 16, then reportedly attacked the 18-year-old.

It is currently unknown why the alleged assailants had carried out the assault.

It was believed that a passer-by called the police, and the group fled upon hearing the police's arrival, leaving the injured victim behind.

An eyewitness told the Chinese daily that the youths had run past her restaurant.

She added that the 18-year-old had followed behind calmly, and eventually sat down outside the restaurant for a quiet smoke while waiting for the police and paramedics.

However, despite making a speedy escape, the two alleged assailants were identified by the police, who called them to return to the scene to provide their statement.

Faced with the order, the teens had no choice but to comply, Wanbao reported.

In response to queries from Mothership, the police confirmed that they received a call for assistance at the complex at 9:07pm.

The two teenagers were subsequently arrested in relation to the case.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Top image via 新加坡华人华语网, Sg Chinese Community/Facebook