November 2021 BTO launch: HDB launches 4,501 BTO flats, including 960 prime area Rochor units

Applications are open from Nov. 17 to 23.

Jane Zhang | November 17, 2021, 05:42 PM

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The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has launched 4,501 Built-to-Order (BTO) units and 1,798 Sale of Balance Flat (SBF) units today (Nov. 17).

November 2021 BTO

There are 4,501 BTO flats on offer in the 2021 BTO launch, spread across nine projects in the Central Area, Choa Chu Kang, Hougang, Jurong West, Kallang Whampoa, and Tengah.

The BTO flats include projects at Rochor, offered under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model which was announced on Oct. 27.

River Peaks I and II

Photo by Housing & Development Board.

River Peaks I and II, located in the central area, are the first developments offered under the new PLH model.

"River Peaks I"and "River Peaks II" refer to the developments’ location along Rochor Canal and their towering height.

The two developments comprise a total of six residential blocks spanning a towering 47 storeys. One of these blocks will house some rental flats.

Applicants can choose from 280 three-room and 680 four-room flats, for a total of 960 units. The developments are located next to Jalan Besar MRT station.

Excluding grants, prices start at S$409,000 for a 66 square-metre three-room flat or S$582,000 for an 88 square-metre four-room flat.

Residents can explore the diverse shopping and dining choices in the central area, including Sim Lim Tower, Cheng Yan Court, Bugis Junction, and various food centres.

Facilities such as the Jalan Besar Sports Centre and swimming complex, Jalan Besar Community Centre, and the Central Public Library are all nearby.

Under the PLH model, PLH flats are priced with additional subsidies on top of the substantial subsidies already provided for all BTO flats today.

PLH flat owners will have to return a percentage of the resale price of the flat to HDB upon selling their homes. For River Peaks I and II, flat buyers will need to return 6 per cent of the resale price or valuation — whichever is higher — to HDB when they resell their home.

"The additional subsidies will keep PLH flats affordable for a wide range of Singaporeans, while the subsidy recovery will ensure parity with other BTO flat owners who are not accorded these additional subsidies," said HDB.

Heart of Yew Tee

Photo by Housing & Development Board.

Heart of Yew Tee is located in Choa Chu Kang, and comprises a 10-storey residential block that will be integrated with a six-storey commercial block.

There are 68 two-room flexi units available, and they will only be offered to seniors aged 55 and above, with short leases between 15 and 45 years, in five-year increments.

Heart of Yew Tee is located right next to Yew Tee Point, and near Yew Tee Square and Yew Tee MRT station, and is designed to maximise open space, with a wide range of facilities and communal spaces to foster social interaction and intergenerational neighbourly activity in the community.

Heart of Yew Tee will have its own retail shops, hawker centre, polyclinic, and even kidney dialysis centre.

Residents will enjoy the convenience of having a wide variety of food and shopping choices right at their doorstep, while also being near Yew Tee Point, Yew Tee Square, Limbang Shopping Centre, and Lot One Shoppers’ Mall.

Kent Heights

Photo by Housing & Development Board.

Kent Heights is located along Owen Road in Kallang/Whampoa, and comprises a 32-storey high residential block. There are 142 units of two-room Flexi flats and 276 units of four-room flats available to applicants

Kent Heights will feature a 500-metre jogging track, children’s playgrounds, and adult and elderly fitness stations.

Nearby community facilities include the Pek Kio Community Centre and Kallang Community Club, and sports complexes such as Jalan Besar Stadium and Swimming Complex are also in the vicinity.

Nanyang Opal

Photo by Housing & Development Board.

Nanyang Opal in Jurong West comprises two 14-storey residential blocks. Applicants may choose from 91 three-room flats or 130 four-room units.

The name of the development — "Nanyang Opal" — celebrates the history of the area, which used to be the location of the former Nanyang University. The original Nanyang University Arch, which marks the entrance to the former campus, is located nearby.

Residents can enjoy a variety of recreational activities at Yunnan Park, Jurong West Park Connector, and Jurong West Sports Centre. In addition, Nanyang Community Club and Gek Poh Ville Community Club are nearby.

Hougang Olive and Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang

Hougang Olive. Photo by Housing & Development Board.

Hougang Olive will be made up of four residential blocks that are 12 storeys in height. There will be 206 four-room units and 184 five-room flats available.

Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang. Photo by Housing & Development Board.

Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang will comprise four residential blocks ranging from nine to 12 storeys in height. Applicants can choose from 172 four-room units and 128 five-room units.

Hougang Olive’s name reflects its green facade, while "Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang" is a nod to the Tanjong Tree, a heritage tree located in the vicinity.

Residents of both developments have a variety of food and shopping options available to them at the Hougang N1 Centre.

In addition, Hougang town offers a range of recreational amenities, such as the nearby Hougang Avenue 3 Park Connector and the Hougang Community Club. Nearby sports facilities include the Hougang Sports Hall and Hougang Swimming Complex.

Parc Clover @ Tengah and Parc Glen @ Tengah

Parc Clover @ Tengah. Photo by Housing & Development Board.

Parc Clover @ Tengah is set in lush greenery, and its name is inspired by the clover-like arrangement of its residential blocks. The blocks are arranged in four clusters, each with a central courtyard.

The development comprises 12 residential blocks ranging from eight to 14 storeys, with some blocks housing rental flats. There are 205 two-room Flexi flats, 102 three-room flats, 472 four-room flats, and 345 five-room flats available.

Parc Glen @ Tengah. Photo by Housing & Development Board.

Parc Glen @ Tengah will comprise 10 residential blocks between eight and 13 storeys, and the development's name is inspired by the varying heights of the residential blocks stepping down towards Plantation Farmway, which mimics the terrain of a glen.

There are a total of 1,008 units available in Parc Glen @ Tengah, including 204 two-room Flexi flats, 96 three-room flats, 400 four-room flats, and 308 five-room flats.

Tengah will be the first town to integrate housing developments with the area’s surrounding greenery and biodiversity.

"Residents can look forward to nature-centric neighbourhoods that offer a strong sense of place, better well-being, and an enhanced quality of life," HDB said.

One major attraction will be the Forest Corridor, which will be approximately 100-metre wide and 5km long and will form part of the larger network of greenery that connects the Western Water Catchment Area and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

The Forest Corridor will be complemented by the Forest Fringe, a 15- to 20-metre wide linear greenscape that will provide a tranquil and rustic environment for residents to enjoy flora and fauna, and envelop the town within a scenic and natural landscape.

Tengah will also be the first HDB town to have a car-free town centre nestled next to a lush green park, and there will be dedicated walking and cycling paths along all roads to create seamless connections within the town, in order to encourage green commuting.

In addition, Tengah is the first HDB town to be planned with town-wide smart technologies from the outset. Autonomous vehicles will be piloted in Tengah town to provide convenient first-mile-last-mile connection to key transport nodes and amenities.

Residents will also be able to choose to subscribe to air conditioning provided from a centralised cooling system, which will be the first system of its kind for public housing in Singapore.

Waiting times

The waiting time for the projects in the November 2021 BTO launch ranges from three to five years.

However, Hougang Olive, Parc Clover @ Tengah, and Parc Glen @ Tengah will have shorter waiting times ranging from 29 months to 33 months.

Meanwhile, River Peaks I and II will have a waiting time of 71 months, due to additional preparation works that will be required because of its proximity to Jalan Besar MRT station and the need to comply with more stringent authorities’ requirements.

In addition, fact that the residential blocks are 47 storeys high — taller than most other BTO projects — also plays a part in the longer waiting time.

November 2021 SBF exercise

Other than the BTO exercise, HDB will also be offering 1,798 balance flats in the SBF exercise.

These flats include 553 units of two-room Flexi, 300 units of three-room, 667 units of four-room, 243 units of five-room, 31 units of 3Gen, and 4 units of Executive flats across various towns and estates.

The vast majority of the flats under the SBF exercise are reserved for first-timer families. Eligible first-timer singles may also apply for a 2-room Flexi flat in the non-mature towns.

Applications open from Nov. 17 to 23

Applications for the flats launched in the November 2021 BTO and SBF exercises can be made online on HDB InfoWEB for seven days, starting today (Nov. 17) until Nov. 23. All information on the BTO and SBF flats are available on HDB InfoWEB as well.

Applicants can only apply for one flat type or category in one town under either the BTO or SBF exercise.

Applicants who wish to take up an HDB housing loan for their flat purchase need to produce a valid HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter when they book a flat, except for young couples who are eligible for deferment of income assessment.

There is no need to visit HDB Hub to get the information or make an application. Applicants without internet access may seek support from their family members.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for a BTO flat in the non-mature towns, for a higher chance of success in securing a flat.

Although SBF flats have a shorter waiting time to completion, the number of units offered in each town is usually small and are likely to attract high application rates, HDB said.

Flat buyers are also advised to take the estimated project completion timelines into consideration before applying for a flat.

Photo via Housing & Development Board.

Upcoming BTO launches

The November 2021 BTO launch brings the total number of BTO flats offered this year to 17,109 units. Including the 5,322 balance flats offered this year, HDB offered a total of 22,431 flats in 2021.

In February 2022, HDB will offer about 3,900 BTO flats in towns and estates such as Geylang, Kallang Whampoa, Tengah, and Yishun. More details will be announced when ready.

Then, in May 2022, HDB will offer about 5,200 to 5,700 BTO flats in towns and estates such as Bukit Merah, Jurong West, Queenstown, Tampines, Toa Payoh, and Yishun.

The number is subject to review as more project details will be firmed up closer to the launch date.

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Top photo via Housing & Development Board.