Driver in Prius with Lalamove sticker opens door to give middle finger to cut into lane in Woodlands

New road etiquette.

Belmont Lay | November 19, 2021, 02:00 PM

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The highway code in Singapore needs some refreshing after a driver developed new road etiquette as he opened his door to flash a middle finger at another driver in order to cut into the next time.

A video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook on Nov. 19.

Most surprising of all, the Toyota Prius driver's reaction appeared to have been unprovoked.

What video showed

The video, which was sped up, showed a 40-second uncut sequence with in-car sounds audible.

The video showed the car doing the recording turning onto Woodlands Avenue 1 from a minor road and travelling towards a traffic junction.

When it approached the traffic light that was red at that time, the Prius was stationary on the immediate left lane that could only go straight.

The Prius appeared to have been signalling right, with the intention of cutting into the next immediate right lane that is meant for turning right.

But at no point did the cam car, which was pulling up to the traffic junction, sound the honk at the Prius.

The very moment the Prius turned right with the bonnet of the car cutting into the cam car's lane, the Prius driver opened the door to flash the middle finger, before closing the door and conforming to the lane.


Responses to the video were mainly of confusion and surprise.

Commenters said they could not figure out what did the cam car driver do wrong, as giving way is not compulsory and dependent on traffic conditions and one's courtesy.

Some commenters said the cam car could have been travelling too fast and did not appear to have the intention to give way.

Others pointed out that the sense of entitlement of drivers has risen in line with rising prices of certificates of entitlement.

Other commenters tagged Lalamove in the comments, in hopes it will attract their attention.

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