Someone stole Queenstown cat feeder's phone while she was feeding cats in broad daylight, police report made

Her phone is an old Android phone model but it contained valuable contacts and photos.

Belmont Lay | November 07, 2021, 01:12 PM

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The regular cat feeder in Queenstown became a victim of crime on Nov. 3 in broad daylight while she was out on her normal routine feeding of cats in the estate.

Details about what happened to the cat feeder, known as Madam Lim, was put up in a post on the Cats Of MeilingSt Facebook page.

Incident happened near food centre

In response to's queries, the administrator of the page confirmed that the theft likely occurred while Madam Lim, who is in her 60s, was feeding cats by one of the staircases near Mei Ling Market & Food Centre.

The time of the incident was around 1pm to 2pm.

Perpetrator could have been observer feeder

The administrator also said the person who took the phone was very likely observing Madam Lim for a while: "The man must have been watching her."

The phone that was stolen is an old phone, either a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7, the Facebook page administrator added.

According to the Facebook post, Madam Lim had her handphone in her bag in the trolley beside her while she was feeding a cat.

The perpetrator likely walked past and took her phone, along with identification and ATM cards, while she was distracted.

The valuable data lost included Madam Lim's contacts and photos in her phone.

However, the administrator said there are currently no suspects in mind.

A police report has been made.

Appeal for help to feed cats

Asked if there was anything the public could do to help Madam Lim, the Facebook page administrator said: "Madam Lim needs support for cat food more than a phone."

"She's an elderly feeder who goes out from 8am to 2pm or 3pm before heading home to rest and going out by 7.30pm again to feed second round dinner for cats."

The Cats Of MeilingSt Facebook page regularly puts out appeals for money and food to feed the cats in the estate.

The feeding is mostly overseen by Madam Lim, who also takes care of cats that are unwell.
And the number of cats to feed is substantial.

The Facebook page administrator added: "We used to have about 100 cats but now left 80 to 90 due to old age and stray dogs mauling."

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All photos via Cats Of MeilingSt Facebook page