McDonald's Japan offering 'Ty' beanie boos as Happy Meal toys

Childhood memories.

Siti Hawa | November 03, 2021, 05:01 PM

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McDonald's Japan took to Twitter on Oct. 22 to share that it would offer beanie boos Happy Meal toys.

Beanie boos or beanie babies are a popular line of stuffed toys by manufacturer Ty that some of us might be familiar with.

Beanie boos happy meal toys

There will be 14 beanie boos to collect in the form of animals from places like Africa, Asia and Australia.

These include panda, penguin, giraffe and lion, among others.

Photo via McDonalds Japan

Photo via McDonalds Japan

McDonald's Japan also released a short "movie" of the beanie boos interacting with each other.

Here's are some screengrabs.

Photo via McDonalds Japan

Photo via McDonalds Japan

Watch it here:

Happy customer

In response to the Twitter post, one customer said that their child loved Ty stuffed animals and was excited upon opening the Happy Meal.

Photo via daretame_kouhou/twitter

History of beanie babies

The stuffed toys were especially popular in the 1990s and have since evolved from "beanie babies" to "beanie boos".

The key difference between the two is that the latter is characterised by larger eyes.

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Top photos via McDonald's Japan