Maserati driver & friends savagely assault Taiwanese student after minor car accident

The boy's condition is improving.

Nyi Nyi Thet | November 13, 2021, 04:06 PM

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A traffic accident in Taiwan turned violent as a Maserati driver, Lee Wei-lin, and his friends beat up a Taiwanese student, surnamed Song.

The accident occurred after Song's car had a "minor collision with a Maserati during a change of lanes".

Here's the now viral video.

Song, 18, had initially been confronted by the three people in the Maserati, who were 25-year-old Lee, 23-year-old Chang Tun-Liang, and 19-year-old Chen Chin-hao.

But the three proceeded to call four other friends to the scene.

According to Focus Taiwan, they then assaulted him with a baseball bat despite Song having apologised.

The three people in the Maserati were detained by police. The other four who had turned up to the scene but did not take part in the assault were not detained.

The three were also eventually released due to it being a "no trial without complaint" case. This action would later provoke much fury among the public.

According to Focus Taiwan, prosecutors later issued warrants to summon the trio, and asked the court to order they be detained.

This was after reviewing video footage of the assault.

The attack had initially left Song unconscious and fighting for his life according to media reports.

Luckily, while Song is still currently hospitalised, his condition has improved.

According to Apple Daily (Taiwan), the business student told his mother not to worry about him, and even asked if she had eaten.

Song's mother told reporters that she is happy that her son's condition has improved, and that she would probably sue the assailants.

According to the mother, two of the assailants had held Song by the arms, while the other assaulted him with a baseball bat.

Media reports had earlier reported that the driver had continued beating Song with a baseball bat despite him apologising repeatedly.

One of the assailant's parents knelt in front of the hospital gates to beg for forgiveness, but Song's mother refused to see them, and said she will "only accept their apology, if they can give my son back his health".

Image from YouTube and CNA