Dog attempts to rescue man from wild boar at Pasir Ris Park, but leaves soon after

A netizen said the dog is part of a pack that often chases away boars from members of the public.

Alfie Kwa | November 05, 2021, 07:01 PM

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A man's encounter with a wild boar at Pasir Ris Park was injected by a brief appearance by a street dog.

A video of the incident was uploaded on Facebook page "Beh Chia Lor" on Friday, Nov. 5.

Boar, dog and human

The video showed a man holding his bicycle to shield himself from a large boar that appeared to be walking in the direction towards him.

Top image via Beh Chia Lor/FB.

As he attempted to move away from the animal, it appeared to continue to walk towards him.

But the boar suddenly stopped in its tracks when it heard a bark and noticed a black dog behind it.

After an intense stare-off between the boar and the dog, the boar decided to change its direction and crossed over a footpath to the other side.

The dog then chased after the boar while keeping its distance.

At this time, the man decided to stop, place his bicycle next to a park bench, and put on his mask.

Moments later, he came face to face with the boar again.

The man looked visibly frightened as the dog took off, shuffling his feet behind away from the boar.

It is uncertain what occurred after this.

Hero of the day

A netizen commented that he's seen the black dog before.

"It’s part of a pack of four black dogs that chills around Pasir Ris Farmway 1. They’re good guys, they’re always chasing away wild boars from members of the public," he said in the comments section.

What to do when you encounter a wild boar

According to an advisory by ACRES, here’s what you can do if you come face-to-face with a pig or boar in the wild or an urban area:

  • Be calm and move slowly away from the animal.
  • Do not approach or attempt to feed the animal.
  • Keep a safe distance and do not corner or provoke the animal (i.e. use flash photography).
  • If you see adults with young piglets, do not go close to them.

They might easily feel threatened because as they feel a need to defend their young.

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Top image via Beh Chia Lor/FB.