M'sian mother teaches US-based kids Malay curse words, disappointed kids 'more American'

The disappointment in her face is more offensive than the words.

Fasiha Nazren | November 25, 2021, 03:27 PM

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Many people learn the art of cussing from their friends, music lyrics or the television.

A select few learn it from their parents, including two U.S.-based children of an immigrant mother from Malaysia.

The family was featured on Cut's YouTube video titled "Immigrant Parents Teach Insults in Their Native Language".


And that's exactly what the Malaysian mother did.

She chose a pretty good range of colourful language including the following:


As if she has never left Malaysia, she said the word — which directly translates to "your mother's nether regions" — with gusto, placing much emphasis on the second syllable.

Video from Cut.

She explained to her children and the audience that while the word translates to a female's genitalia, it is used as the English equivalent of the term motherf*cker.

Now, you could see the disappointment in her face when her westernised children tried to cuss it out.

Video from Cut.

"They don't say it like the Malaysians say it, they are more American," she said.

(To be fair, most of us wouldn't be able to cuss properly in front of our parents.)

So what's the best way to express that particularly vulgar term?

She answered: "You have to show anger. The anger must come from inside, you know? And in your brain, say it with your heart and soul."

Pergi mampuslah engkau

While it isn't exactly an expletive, the above phrase translates to "go and die".

This phrase, she said, is the meanest thing she's ever said to someone.

When asked by the host if her kids know the phrase, all three shook their heads in unison.

Video from Cut.

And who does she say that to?

"Usually to all the Malaysian b*tches. Those who made me mad."

Curious, the Malaysian mother asked her children what's the worst curse word they've used on others.

When her daughter said "c*nt", she made another disappointing face.

Video from Cut.

However, not because her daughter used a curse word, but because it is "too old fashioned".

Well, nothing is scarier than a disappointed Malaysian mother who knows how to curse.

Top image from Cut.

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