Man in M'sia buys wife iPhone 13 Pro worth RM4,899 using RM20 notes he saved over a year

Happy wife, happy life.

Fiona Tan | November 21, 2021, 12:20 PM

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A man in Malaysia has truly outdone himself just to please his missus.

After saving for a year, he got her an iPhone 13 Pro for the couple's anniversary.

Image from Nick Hiew/Facebook.

Did not want to empty his savings

The devoted husband, Nick Hiew, shared this heartwarming story on Facebook on Nov. 14.

The mission? To gift his wife with the brand new iPhone 13 Pro for their anniversary.

For an average Joe, an iPhone is a considerable expense.

Across the border in Malaysia, the iPhone 13 Pro starts retailing from RM4,899 (S$1,593), which is certainly no small sum.

Speaking to Wau Post, a digital news site in Malaysia, Nick Hiew disclosed how he managed to accumulate enough money with just RM20 notes, and ultimately achieve his mission.

Image from Nick Hiew/Facebook.

While Hiew wanted to purchase the iPhone 13 Pro, he said he did not want to have to empty his savings to do so.

Started saving, one RM20 banknote at a time

This sparked an idea to create a separate pool of savings for the iPhone 13 Pro, where he would set aside any RM20 (about S$6.50) change he received from his transactions.

Additionally, he would also save other RM20 banknotes whenever there were other opportunities to do so.

Why only RM20? Responding to a commenter, Hiew said that RM50 was too much, whereas RM10 was too little.

Accomplished mission in a year

Hiew's dedication and perseverance paid off. Eventually, he had accumulated a thick stack of RM20 notes, enough to afford an iPhone 13 Pro, within the span of a year.

Hiew paid a local retailer in Malaysia a visit and finally purchased the iPhone 13 Pro on Nov. 12, according to Wau Post.

In the video that Hiew uploaded, an individual can be seen counting and sorting the RM20 banknotes into individual piles.

Hiew typically pays in denominations of RM100 or RM50, and saves the loose change that he receives each time he shops or buys food.

From this, Hiew managed to save an additional "few hundred ringgit". This money contributed to extra savings and was not used to pay for the iPhone.

Responding to another commenter, Hiew said he will continue this habit of saving his loose change.

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Top image from Nick Hiew/Facebook