Lawyer Lim Tean takes over case to represent 13 bus drivers against SBS Transit after M Ravi fired

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Belmont Lay | November 24, 2021, 02:48 PM

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Lim Tean will replace M Ravi as the lawyer acting for the 13 former and current bus drivers who are taking SBS Transit to court for allegedly unfair work practices.

This was after Ravi was fired by the drivers.

"Prominent" lawyer

The public-facing plaintiff Chua Qwong Meng, who has been speaking on behalf of the rest of the bus drivers, said in a Nov. 24 statement that he and the other bus drivers have appointed Lim of Carson Law Chambers to represent them.

Chua also said Lim is a "prominent lawyer and political leader" who has been involved in high-profile legal cases.

The drivers are confident that Lim will plead their case effectively and help achieve the desired outcome, Chua added.

The drivers fired Ravi as they did not condone his behaviour at all and were shocked by his display.

This was after he called the defendant's lawyer, Davinder Singh, "a clown" during the first day of the hearing.

The drivers said they had paid Ravi more than S$55,000 raised through "the public's generosity in donating to our cause".

Lim confirms taking up case

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Lim said he was taking over the case that involves "legal issues which have enormous ramifications not only for the economic interest of SBS Transit drivers, but also many other workers in Singapore".

Ravi previously wrote on his own Facebook page that he had a falling out with Lim.


Chua commenced his suit against SBS Transit in September 2019.

He had worked for SBS Transit from April 2017 to early 2020.

He is claiming that SBS Transit breached the Employment Act by not giving him a rest day each week and that he was also underpaid for overtime work.

Another 12 drivers are linked to Chua's case against SBS Transit, with some S$720,000 involved in the allegations of all 13 suits.

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