Indonesian man wants to sue KFC as burger he bought looks different from menu image

He did not find it finger lickin' good.

Ashley Tan | November 22, 2021, 06:12 PM

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An angry KFC customer in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, was so dissatisfied with his burger that he wants to sue the fast food company.

The man, Erwin Sandi, shared to Facebook an image of the Krunchy Burger he received, juxtaposed with an image what it looks like on the menu.

The difference is, admittedly, rather stark.

Photo from Er R Sandi / FB

Erwin's burger came without lettuce and sauce, leaving just a chicken patty sandwiched between two crumpled buns.

Photo from Er R Sandi / FB

Outlet ran out of vegetables

"Apparently KFC Indonesia is good at tricking their customers," Erwin said in his Facebook post.

Erwin shared that this was the second time this had happened — he had purchased burgers the previous week and they did not match the photos in the menu as well, Indonesian media Suarasusel reported.

According to Coconuts Jakarta, staff he contacted told him that they had run out of vegetables that day, which explained the missing lettuce.

They then asked if the delivery person who sent Erwin his food had informed him of this setback.

However, their explanation did not suffice, and Erwin questioned in a follow-up post why the restaurant continued to sell the burger despite running out of ingredients.

He added that he wanted to return the order and lodge a complaint initially, but was unable to reach them over the phone.

Filing lawsuit

Now, Erwin plans on filing a civil lawsuit at the Palopo District Court.

Although netizens have made fun of this and stated that he was wasting time over something trivial, Erwin adds he is "fight[ing] back" as he is "aggrieved".

KFC Palopo says they are seeking a meeting with Erwin to provide clarification on the incident, Indonesian media reported.

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Top photo from Er R Sandi / FB